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SB 192 – Going Easy on a Business that Sells Alcohol to a Minor

Every once and a while you come across a bill that you know will never see the light of day, and it is probably a waste of time to even cover it, but it is so egregrious and so nakedly transparent an attempt by a donor to get their bought and paid for legislator to do something specifically for them.

Enter Senate Bill 192. 

Currently, under Delaware law, if you as a business with a license to sell alcohol, sell alcohol to a minor, you could have your license to sell alcohol suspended or revoked completely by the Commissioner of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and the business and/or the owner of the business could face criminal charges for selling alcohol to a minor.

So this bill changes that and puts in place a system of fines for the licensee when alcohol is sold to a minor and removes the current authority to revoke or suspend a license under these circumstances. What circumstances? The circumstances where the licensee (i.e. the business or its individual owners) is not directly involved in the sale to the minor and have taken significant steps to prevent such activity by the licensee’s employees.

But that is the way it is now. Circumstances are considered. The Commissioner of Alcohol Beverage Control does not automatically suspend or revoke your liquor license for just one infraction with no consideration of the circumstances. They have the discretional authority to do so depending on the circumstances.

So we can all see what happened here, right? Someone got the liquor license revoked or suspended in the 6th SD and reached out to retiring Senator Ernie Lopez.

The lack of any other sponsors on this bill after ten months have passed is striking.

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Current Status: Senate Banking, Business & Insurance 6/21/21

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