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HB 262 – Data Brokers and Personal Information

State Representative Krista Griffith is sponsoring House Bill 262, which will seek to regulate the data broker market, such as it is, in Delaware so as to provide consumers with transparent information about how their personal information is being used by data brokers. What we are talking about here are the cookies that get put on your computer or your smart phone through applications and web browsers that track your web searches and purchases and your demographic information and the report back to the sellers so that ads can be targeted to you.

This bill will require data brokers to register with the Consumer Protection Unit of the Department of Justice and answer questions regarding their use of personal information that would be published online to inform consumers. 

Registration will only apply to data brokers who sell or license information. The bill prohibits acquiring or providing brokered personal information where it will be used for certain unlawful purposes, or where it was obtained through fraudulent means. A fee schedule is established based on the size of the data broker that would fund the enforcement of the statute.

Finally, the bill requires data brokers to protect brokered personal information.  

House Bill 262 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Griffith, Matthews, Baumbach, Dorsey Walker, K.Johnson, Lambert, Morrison, Wilson-Anton
Hansen, Gay, Ennis
Current Status: Out of Committee

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