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HB 270 – Streamlining School Choice

State Representative Kim Williams and Senator Tizzy Lockman have introduced House Bill 270, which aims to streamline the school choice process statewide, making it easier and clearer for parents, guardians, and school administrators to navigate.

Currently, reorganized school districts, vocational technical school districts, and charter schools do not follow the same processes thus causing confusion and barriers for families seeking to access choice for their children.

This Act requires reorganized school districts, vocational-technical school districts, and charter schools to use a standard online application receipt and processing tool approved by the Department that is offered at no charge.

The bill will make the timing uniform for the ranked waitlist process. It also gives priority to siblings of students already going to a particular school, whether or not they live in the reorganized school district where the school is located or not.

The bill has been released from the Education Committee in the House with a favorable report, so it is likely to get a vote on the House floor once the chamber returns from recess.

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Current Status: Out of Committee

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