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HB 287 – The Republican Plan to increase the Senior Real Property Tax Credit

House Bill 287 is a Republican bill sponsored by State Representative Kevin Hensley that would increase the Senior Real Property Tax credit to $750 from $400 as it currently stands.

At present, most senior citizen property owners in Delaware are eligible to use the Senior Real Property Tax Credit.  The maximum amount of the credit is either half the recipient’s tax obligation or $400 (whichever is less). The state reimburses local school districts for any loss of income resulting from the credit. 

Until 2017, the maximum amount of the Senior Real Property Tax Credit was $500.  That year, as part of the spending cuts that addressed the budget deficit that year, the tax credit was reduced to $400. The reduction has been included in each budget ever since, despite the return to tax surpluses in the Delaware revenue forecast.

“State revenue is way up, and this does not include the massive amount of relief funds we’ve received from the federal government,” said State Rep. Kevin Hensley “We’ve also, smartly, set aside money in rainy day and reserve accounts to take appropriate precautions for the future. Now I believe the state has an obligation to share its good fortune with its citizens.”  Indeed. And I would be willing to pass this bill so long as all other spending cuts in 2017 are restored.

House Bill 287 joins another measure introduced last year, House Bill 108, which would have simply restored the Senior Real Property Tax credit to $500. It would seem that this bill would supersede that bill now. House Bill 108 has bipartisan support, but as you can see below, House Bill 287 does not yet.

House Bill 287 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Hensley, Ramone, Briggs King, Morri, D.Short, M.Smith, Vanderwende, Yearick
Lopez, Lawson, Pettyjohn, Wilson
Current Status: House Administration

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