4th RD Special Election Set

Representative Gerald Brady officially resigned yesterday, which triggered a state law governing special elections for vacant legislative seats. Under that code, a writ of election must be issued within 10 days of the vacancy occurring. The writ sets the date for the special election, which must take place between 30-35 days from when the writ is issued.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf wasted no time in issuing the writ, setting the special election for Saturday, March 5th. This will be the first election in Delaware to include in-person early voting for 10 days prior to the election under a 2019 law.

The winner of the special election will serve the remainder of the term for the 4th District, which will expire on Election Day in November.

Delaware Liberal reports that the two possible candidates are being considered by the 4th RD: Former Wilmington City Councilman Bud Freel and Red Clay School Board mmember Dr. Andriana Bohm. It seems the consensus is the Powers That Be would prefer a lameduck caretaker Representative in Bud Freel, rather than annointing an incumbent that would run for reelection. I wholeheartedly disagree, and would prefer Bohm for this seat. Remember, this seat will not exist past November. No one will be running for reelection. So why not chose the best person for the job? In my opinion, that person is clearly Dr. Bohm.

The 4th RD Committee will meet on Monday to decide.

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6 comments on “4th RD Special Election Set

  1. There is a very small section of RD4 that stretches into what-will-be RD22 (Smith). In my dream scenario someone that lives there wins the special and then goes on to beat Smith in the general.\

    Otherwise, this is just a seat warmer. Are there any votes coming up that we think the margin will be a single vote?

    That said, I subscribe to Sayre’s Law, so I expect lots of vitriol either way this goes.

    • Delaware Dem

      Oh yes, HB75, constitutional amendment for absentee voting, HB305 Marijuana legalization, taxation, regulation, HB140, end of life options act, LEOBOR reform, and other criminal justice reform bills, SB3 (permit to purchase) and other gun safety bills, SB101 landlord tenant dispute representation. Who do we think will vote yes on those bills?

  2. Well. Instead of assuming or guessing. Maybe someone can ask Freel? Or Bohm? She’s a school board member. I have no idea what she thinks about any of those issues. Or what Freel thinks. So. Maybe we can ask and see? A less relevant question is whether or not your assertion that these are all 1 vote margin bills is actually correct.

    But like probably 99 percent of the people commenting out there, I don’t live in this RD and maybe people should be able to elect who they want to go represent their communities. Just a thought!

  3. John Kowalko

    Well anyone can always file for a Write-in committee and candidacy
    Rep. Kowalko

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