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HB302 – Outlawing Fake Vaccination Cards

Faced with a significant increase of forged vaccination cards in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Representative Paul Baumbach introduced House Bill 302, which would outlaw fake vaccination cards by adding a definition of vaccination cards to the existing crime of second-degree forgery.

Forgery in the second degree is a class G felony. Class G felonies carry a maximum sentence of two years

The card would be defined as “provided to an individual by a vaccine provider indicating the date an individual received a vaccination, the type of vaccine and lot number, and bearing a government logo or other indication that the card is created by a governmental instrumentality.”

The crime would include electronic vaccination documents because the existing definition of “written instrument” under state code includes electronic equivalents.

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Gay, Hansen, Sokola, Walsh
Current Status: House Judiciary

“More and more, we have seen cases of individuals forging vaccination cards to circumvent guidelines or requirements to get vaccinated. This isn’t just dishonest; it’s also a public health risk that could put susceptible people in jeopardy by being around someone claiming to be vaccinated against a serious virus,” said Rep. Baumbach. “By adding this definition to the forgery statute, we will be giving prosecutors another tool to combat this growing crime.”

“Public health should be a paramount concern for all Delawareans,” said prime Senate sponsor Sen. Kyle Evans Gay. “Anyone who would endanger the welfare of others by misrepresenting their vaccination status, or helping someone else to misrepresent their vaccination status, should be held accountable under the laws of our state.”

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2 comments on “HB302 – Outlawing Fake Vaccination Cards

  1. A reasonable response to what I’m sure is a rising problem.

  2. cassandram

    There are really recent forgers (not sure if they are the ones caught in DE) who have provided not just a fake vax card, but have entered fake data to their state’s vaccine database. Does this bill cover both sets of forgeries?

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