Gerald Brady Resigns, but maybe not for the reason he says

State Represenative Gerald Brady (4th RD) has resigned, effective immediately, apparently because he has been diagnosed or is seeking treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his military service. Now, I have no idea whether or not Mr. Brady has PTSD, but I have heard that his resignation is due to a more recent event.

He allegedly was arrested this week for stealing wood from the Acme Market in Newark. It seems to me that this resignation due to a PTSD diagnosis may be an effort to distance the General Assembly away from this alleged misdeed, or it may be a way to explain it, since as of this moment, the arrest has not yet been announced. And indeed, allegedly stealing wood is an irrational act for someone in Brady’s position, so it might be the result of PTSD.

Regardless of the reason, a special election will be scheduled for this zombie seat in February or March. The 4th District as it currently is constituted will only exist for another 10 months, so whomever is elected will only have a 10 month job until November, when this seat moves downstate due to redistricting.

I do hope Mr. Brady gets the help and treatment for PTSD he needs, though.

13 comments on “Gerald Brady Resigns, but maybe not for the reason he says

  1. Wow, that’s not the act of a rational person.

  2. PTSD in veterans is always possible, but there is nothing is his behavior that couldn’t be explained by Dementia.

    In any event, I hope he gets the assistance he needs. He served well and honorably

  3. This action is so bizarre I have to believe something more serious is going on. Best wishes to him in his recovery.

  4. William tapitsei

    As a Delaware Dems I am worried we are in shambles.

  5. Please edit this article to remove the part about gathering wood from State Parks. That is against the rules of all Parks and could get you in a fair amount of trouble. Dead wood is necessary for life cycle of a forest, food for decomposers, etc. It directly goes against all Leave No Trace policies that Parks employ. Don’t know who approved that…

    • Delaware Dem

      Done. It was meant as a joke, because who steals wood?

      • Acme markets stack prepackaged firewood outside their doors, making it easy to make off with it without paying, either absentmindedly or on purpose. Perhaps the lack of a police report on the arrest reflects Acme’s desire to resolve the matter by simply having Brady pay the few bucks a package costs. (Unless, of course, he pulled up a truck and took the whole pile.)

        • SussexWatcher

          And you know there is no police report how?

          Police reports in Delaware are confidential.

          • Good point. What I meant to say is perhaps the police declined to release their report to the public because the parties involved were looking for some kind of settlement, for instance that Brady would pay for what allegedly was shoplifted and Acme would drop the charges. Pure speculation on my part, of course.

  6. Stan+Merriman

    Sounds like he needs sympathy and treatment.

  7. Only powerful white men are granted the privilege to shape the circumstances in which they commit their misdeeds.

    He has a history of trying to blame other things when he gets caught pulling his bullshit. He’s doing it again. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and shouldn’t be help accountable.

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