Jennings to Co-Chair Demcratic Attorneys General group

Last month, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) announced their new leadership for 2022 as the committee prepares for the upcoming midterm elections where 30 Attorney General seats will be on the ballot across the country.  Our own Attorney General Kathy Jennings was selected as Co-Chair of the Association, along with Nevada AG Aaron Ford. Their focus will be to elect as many Democratic Attorneys General as they can, whether they are protecting incumbents or challenging Republicans.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to help lead DAGA. We come from states as small as Delaware, as big as California, and everywhere in between — but our constituents share the same aspirations, overcome the same challenges, and deserve leaders who will fight for them and get results. Democratic AGs continue to show how effective we are when we work together, and I’m looking forward to helping my colleagues succeed in the fight to protect our democracy and our future,” said Jennings.

“I’m so excited to have AG Jennings join me as a DAGA Co-Chair. She will play a significant role in leading the organization forward into the 2022 cycle. She is a national leader in keeping families and kids safe, protecting consumers, and taking on corruption,” said Nevada AG Ford. “We also welcome AG Raoul as our newest member of the DAGA Executive Committee. I look forward to working with both AG Jennings and AG Raoul to defend our incumbent AGs and flip seats across the country.

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