Delaware United Releases Annual Legislative Accountability Report Cards

This year I had the pleasure to help out the fine people at Delaware United to compile their annual Legislative Accountability Report Card (LARC). It is a good a way as any to evaluate our legislators’ work over the past year in the General Assembly. I encourage you to read it in full.

The Legislative Accountability Report Card (LARC) is created by Delaware United and volunteers to hold State Senators and Representatives accountable for their voting records. LARC Committee members compile, analyze, and format data so Delawareans can easily see how their legislators performed throughout the year.

This year we saw a sharp increase in the number of bills that passed through the general assembly. With well over 122 bills being included in our report card, the margins between legislators were pretty slim this year but there were definitely some clear progressive champions in both chambers!

You can view the LARC for each chamber that shows the overall scores for each legislator. Don’t forget to check out the leadership cards to see who really shined in each category and who won our Most Valuable Voter and Most Valuable Sponsor awards. Then, if you want, you can take a deep dive into the data to see how the sausage is made.

Now, the LARC isn’t perfect. But it is a good snapshot of what was accomplished in Dover this year. Taken together with our Legislative Recap, we feel it can give a pretty good picture of what the legislative session was like this past year.

We encourage you to check out the LARC and see how your legislator did this year and then read our Legislative Recap to get a real feel for how each issue played out down in Dover. For those that really want to get into the weeds, we also developed an annotated list of almost all the major legislation that shares some real behind-the-scenes information.Feel free to share the LARC around and let your friends know about this great resource.

P.S. If you enjoy the LARC and the great work that Delaware United did putting this together, we would love to count on your support as we prepare for the elections in 2022!

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7 comments on “Delaware United Releases Annual Legislative Accountability Report Cards

  1. John Kowalko


    Representative Kowalko

  2. Not Saying

    Based on the scores, why is Deb Heffernan being challenged from her left?

    • Scores are based on what legislation is voted on, not what legislation SHOULD be being voted on. If it was the later, things would prolly be different. But there is no objective measurement of that. So….

  3. SussexWatcher

    Just goes to show that scores aren’t everything. No way in hell are Bennett and Bush better than Madinah – let alone Larry Mitchell and Pete.

    I wish DU would put its energies to better use than this waste of time.

    • LARC is based on the bills that were actually voted on, but should be taken into context with the end of the year recap. As stated in the release.

      The scorecard is a snapshot of the votes that happened during that specific period. A high score on the Legislative Accountability Report Card is not an endorsement. When legislators who typically do not align with us vote for or sponsor legislation that has merit, we acknowledge them. And we do not expect legislators who we have endorsed to vote in lockstep with our decisions about the merits of a bill. The voting record of a legislator is an important component of an endorsement decision along with constituent services, and a commitment to transparent government, personal integrity, and an understanding of current and future challenges. No one metric or attribute can determine whether a candidate is the right person to meet the moment and lead our community into the future.

      Why Madinah’s overall score is lower than expected

      The overall score is produced using the means from each category plus the leadership category. This produces the overall rankings for the House and the Senate which are presented in quartiles. There were 14 categories. The number of bills in each category ranged from 2 to 28, with the average number of bills being about 9.

      The smaller the category, the greater impact each bill will have on the score. And if the legislator is the only person voting for or against a bill, it will have a bigger impact on what quartile they fall into, because that shows their score relative to other legislators. So taking a vote against what DU supported and doing this by yourself or with just a few other Representatives will lower your score.

      HB 145 Provides tax benefits to Delawareans saving for education or for the benefit of people with disabilities. This bill likely had the greatest impact on her score. She was the only no vote. The accessibility category had 5 bills. Since no one else voted against this bill it hurt her ranking as well.

      SB 78 School Board qualifications – voted present with Bolden. Eric voted against it. This also separated her from other Democrats.

      SB 24 Balloon ban – voted no with Collins. This lowered her score and separated her from the other Democrats.

      Madihah also had 4 absences, one each in criminal justice (28 bills), education (17), economics (7), and healthcare capacity (9). I don’t think this had as big an impact on her score, however, since she got two points each and two of the categories were very large, but most people had 0 absences.

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