Still Looking for a Deputy Director

An open secret in Delaware politics in recent weeks is that Republican Senator Brian Pettyjohn was going to resign to take a Deputy Director position in the Sussex County Department of Elections. That is such a wild demotion, from sitting Senator to a DEPUTY elections official that one simply must engage in wild conspiracy theories and speculation as to WHY Pettyjohn would want that job. But then again, it’s not like Democrats are a threat to win any time soon in any district in Sussex County other than the 14th RD.

But it turns out that, last week, at the State Board of Elections meeting where officials were to consider and likely confirm Pettyjohn’s application to become the Deputy Director, they decided to turn down Pettyjohn. Only the GOP members of the Board of Elections could vote on his hire, since the deputy position was the Deputy Director position reserved for Republicans (since the Director is a Democrat because the Governor is a Democrat). And apparently the older Repubican members of the Board object to Pettyjohn’s more outlandish and Trumpist tendencies and did not like the message that hiring him for the Department job woud send.

Indeed, the job position for the Deputy Director position has now been reposted and I suppose we have Brian Pettyjohn back in the Senate for another year at least, unless he decides to not run for reelection. But how embarassing for Pettyjohn. You are deemed too crazy to handle real responsibities and to be fair by your fellow Republicans, but I guess your temperment is fine for the Senate. That’s a message.

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6 comments on “Still Looking for a Deputy Director

  1. Joe Connor

    Pistol packing Brian gets shot down!:)

  2. SussexWatcher

    There is not a Dem deputy position. During a D administration, the D becomes director and the R is deputy. During an R administration, the R becomes director and the D is deputy. The Sussex director is Bo McDowell, who took over from his dad, Kenny McDowell.

  3. How bad do these legislators get paid that they are running for 85k a year state jobs?

    Who would want to run for office and get paid peanuts

    • It is considered, and is, a part-time job. At a salary of $47K a year, and more depending on the committees one serves on, that’s not peanuts. The median household income in Delaware is about $68K.

      In short, nobody quits the legislature because it doesn’t pay enough — something you would have figured out yourself had you done even a bare minimum of research.

      • Faithful Skeptic

        Not to mention that there is health care for members of the GA, which someone who is self-employed cares a great deal about. AND service in the GA builds a pension as well. As you said, no one quits the GA because its base pay is too low.

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