McGuiness Must Resign. Lawmakers Must Call on Her to Resign.

I spoke to several lawmakers and staff yesterday. Some took notice of a moment during Attorney General Kathy Jennings’ press conference when impeachment was asked about and she deferred, correctly, to the General Assembly. But it would appear that the General Assembly has never considered impeachment. I mean, in its entire history. There appears to be no instance where the General Assembly has ever impeached and/or removed a state officer, whether that official be a judge or a Governor or a statewide row officer. Others talked about letting the criminal justice process play out, and that people in this country are innocent until proven guilty.

To that latter point, that principle applies to taking someone’s liberty. It does not apply in the political world. In the political world, no one has a constitutional right in perpetuity to their office, especially when they are accused of breaking the public trust and abusing their office for personal gain. In the political world, you are guilty when charged until proven innocent. In the political world, if you are waiting for things to play out, you are, at best, playing defense. At worst, you are covering up. In the political world, you have to be proactive. In the political world, Kathy McGuiness is radioactive and toxic, and her political career is over. Thus, there is no need to defend her rights. There is no need to let the process play out. She is a cancer, and you cut that shit out and throw it away. Trust me, we can find someone to replace McGuiness. Literally almost everyone is more qualified and obviously more principled and ethical than her.

To that end, some of the lawmakers, like State Representative Eric Morrison, have it right: Call for her to immediately resign. If she refuses, you impeach her.

If you don’t have impeachment rules in your chamber’s procedures, then it is time to write them.

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2 comments on “McGuiness Must Resign. Lawmakers Must Call on Her to Resign.

  1. There is zero probability that someone who ran for auditor flaunting her many conflicts of interest will quit.

  2. And there is a near zero probability that a legislative body controlled by Pete Schwarzkopf will impeach or even ask her to step down.

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