Dem Party Chair Implies that McGuiness Must Resign

I say implies, because she did not explicitly say it, but that is what you take away from this statement from Delaware Democratic Party Chairwoman Betsy Maron:

“Today’s announcement from the Attorney General’s office is incredibly
troubling. When Delaware Democrats supported Kathy McGuiness, they did so on the promise that she would serve as a watchdog to prevent waste and abuse and uphold the highest ethical standard of transparency and fiscal responsibility. Our volunteers and voters put their faith in her to do right by the people of Delaware. To see that she broke the public’s trust while executing her official duties is disheartening and downright embarrassing to our Party.

Based on today’s grand jury indictment, it is clear that Kathy McGuiness cannot be trusted to do her job in accordance with the law. It would be a disservice to every Delawarean for her to continue in her role.”

She implies that she should resign without actually saying it.  She should say it.   And/or call for her immediate impeachment if she does not.   As should all party officials and elected officials throughout the state.

If McGuiness does not resign by end of business tomorrow, impeachment proceedings must begin. If they do not begin, then the General Assembly is complicit.

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  1. Kayode Abegunde

    Right thing to do.

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