HOPE Commission Becomes IRONY Commission

According to the News Journal, the Wilmington HOPE Commission has named Sen. Darius Brown its executive director. The HOPE Commission’s purpose is to lower criminal recidivism by helping ex-felons rehabilitate themselves after they leave prison.

Senator Darius Brown is under criminal indictment, charged with offensive touching and disorderly conduct. His trial is set for December 1.

It is a unique approach for the Commission to appoint someone to be their ED who may soon will need their services.

Even if Senator Brown were not under indictment, is he really the most qualified person to lead the HOPE Commission? It seems to me that Brown’s qualification for this post is access to General Assembly funding for the Commission.

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6 comments on “HOPE Commission Becomes IRONY Commission

  1. The solution is as obvious as it is unlikely: Any agency that has a state lawmaker in its employ should be disqualified from state funding.

  2. Kayode Abegunde

    Everything in Delaware now is now political. How can someone tell me out of the pool of candidates that I applied, the Senator was the most qualified for the Executive Director position to manage the overall oversights of the HOPE’s operations. I understand his elected office is a part time but playing politics with the HOPE Executive Director’s position not surprising with the way things are going in Delaware.  I am not sure where he was fighting for equity and justice. I also read and interpret that the Executive Director position is given to demonstrate there is a second chance. In Senator Darius situation, which second chance are we referring to? New Castle County should step up with a fair and reasonable decisions. I just sent the same observation to Newsjournal.


    Kayode Abegunde 

  3. Given his past employment history, it’s pretty rich for Michelle Taylor to claim he was the strongest person for the job. Disappointing that The Achievement Center does not have a better vetting system than Connections did. But plenty of Board votes from folks who need access to GA funding.

  4. Failed at a failed non profit TWICE!

  5. Also failed at DSEA. Also failed to pay rent. Look up his financial acumen on Court Connect. Debt action, debt action, debt action. Sounds like a sound manager of money. He is selfish and giving ammo to Republicans.

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