The Dream of a 2nd Congressional District Lives On

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, Delaware’s population grew by more than 10% since the last census count in 2010. Now we have 989,948 people as of the count in 2020 – an increase from 897,934 in 2010. 

Given that we are still under a million, we will have to wait until 2030 to increase our number of congressional districts to two, because it seems that getting your state’s population up to around 1,100,000 residents seems to be the cutoff for a small state to get 2 congressional districts.

Two small states similar in population to Delaware are Montana and Rhode Island. Montana’s population is increasing and stands now after the Census to be 1,084,225. As a result, Montana is gaining a second congressional district for the 2022 election. Rhode Island’s population is declining but still remains at 1,097,225 after the 2022. It was speculated that, due to the declining trend in Rhode Island’s population, it could very well lose its 2nd Congressional District for the 2022 election. But the execution was stayed and the smallest state kept its two seats.

In 2030, we have the new two district map ready to go. Dylan Rosenthal created a the following map that would guarantee two Democratic seats. I generally oppose partisan gerrymandering but I also oppose unilateral disarmament, so if they are going to do it, so shall we.

The First or Western District would include Newark and Middletown, and Western Dover and Western Sussex. It would be 56% Democratic and 44% Republican. The Second or Eastern District would be Wilmington and its suburbs, Dover, Milford and the beaches. It would be 63% Democratic and 37% Republican.

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