So Long Gerald Brady

Ernie Lopez decided not to run for reelection voluntarily. Gerald Brady will likely have that decision made for him involuntarily. From the News Journal:

“In a June 27 email discussing legislation intended to protect sex workers, a Wilmington state legislator used an anti-Asian slur and other sexual language, referring to sex workers as “chink broads.”

The comments from Democratic state Rep. Gerald Brady was[sic] in an email exchange with an advocate living outside of Delaware. The advocate had shared a Princeton University study that showed how the presence of strip clubs led to a decrease in sex crimes in a New York City police precinct.

The advocate connected the study to a 30-year period when Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution, and called on Delaware lawmakers to do something similar to protect sex workers

“Is the dude basically saying, if we provide free Blowjobs for Uncle Pervie there will be few rapes and few chink broads will be shipped in CONEX containers to the Port of Wilmington??” Brady replied from his official government email address. 

The person with the worst job in the State of Delaware this morning is Drew Volturo, who is the Communications Director for the House Democratic Caucus. Hey, Speaker Pete, why make Drew defend Brady in a situation like this? To Drew’s credit, he said really all he could say, in that the message was not intended for public dissemination as it was a private email, and Brady mistakenly replied to the original advocate who sent him the study rather than forward the email to his intended recipient.

As an aside, in any occupation, if you in the year 2021 cannot handle email communications such that you don’t know the difference between Reply and Forward, it is time for retirement.

It is also time for retirement if you work as a public representative in government and you still, in 2021, use racial slurs in everyday conversations, whether they were meant for public release or not.

Brady has issued an apology. He now must issue a retirement statement.

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7 comments on “So Long Gerald Brady

  1. Grant Brunner

    An absolute disgrace to the party, the state, and humanity. How can he represent everyone in his district after this? He must resign.

  2. I’m just as puzzled by his belief that decriminalizing prostitution would make blow jobs free.

    • Delaware Dem

      Yeah, I suspect prices would rise.

      • I guess some Democrats really don’t understand market economics. OTOH, Brady might have hit on a vaccine enticement that will work.

  3. Joe Connor

    Brady Retires!

  4. ‘Gotcha’ is a stick sharpened at both ends.

    • And Clovers are just a horse fart away from being a roofing shingle. See? I can utter nonsense too.

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