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Vote Tracker Update

On the chart, we list all legislation that is of interest from a liberal or progressive policy perspective, from bills sponsored by Democrats that we support, to bill sponsored by Republicans that we oppose (or on rare occasions, support). We do not include every piece of legislation that has been filed this session, such as uncontroversial charter updates or license plate bills, or concurrent or joint resolutions unless they are particularly significant.  

A link to the specific legislation is provided if you move your mouse over the Bill Number.   A link to the Blue Delaware post that covers the bill is provided on the far left.  Towards the end of the list, you will notice that a Blue Delaware link is not yet provided, but that will be filled in in the next week. In the second column on the right, we will provide the bill’s current status and whether or not it has passed a chamber of the General Assembly.   


Delaware politics from a liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective. Keep Delaware Blue.

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