MAGA School Board Group is Defeated in a Landslide

A rising conservative movement? Not so much. The MAGA-Trump aligned school board group, Patriots for Delaware, endorsed five candidates in last night’s school board elections. The only who won is the one that ran unopposed downstate.

Indeed, in the Red Clay and in Brandywine School Districts, the involvement of this MAGA group may well have spurred relatively large increases in turnout in the usually low turnout school board elections. To quote campaign strategist Sarah G. Fulton: “It’s almost like the Delaware GOP endorsement hurts candidates…hmm.”

Red Clay:

  • Kecia Nesmith 59.9%
  • Janyce Colmery 20.6%
  • Rafael Ochoa 19.3%


  • Kim Stock 72.2%
  • Tanya Hettler 26.7%
  • Scott Gesty 0.01%


  • Adam Brownstein 100%

Cape Henlopen

  • Janis Hanwell 71.8%
  • Ashley Murray 28% 


  • Elaine Gallant 52.07%
  • Danielle Taylor 47.92%

9 comments on “MAGA School Board Group is Defeated in a Landslide

  1. Joe Connor

    As I celebrated the result last night a wise person pointed out to me that the losing number in Brandywine would have easily won most if not all recent elections in the district. The good news is that sanity prevailed in great numbers. Now this level of participation must be maintainted. The wingnuts will return!

  2. mediawatch

    Celebrate today, but don’t gloat for long.
    Hettler got 26 percent in Brandywine. She’s halfway there.
    Colmery-Ochoa combined for 40 percent in Red Clay. Even closer to 50 percent.
    They’re not going away. They will return.
    Next year’s fights will be even harder.

    • This assumes that every voter sympathetic to them message didn’t already turn out to vote for the Slackjaw Slate. They can win only if 3/4s of those who voted yesterday stay home.

  3. This assumes they didn’t turn out all those sympathetic to their message. They can only win if 3/4s of yesterday’s voters stay home.

    • mediawatch

      Your assumption is correct. And I know you’re smart enough to assume that the slackjaws aren’t going to let Tuesday’s losses cause them to stand down. Those who supported Tuesday’s winners must resist the temptation to take winning for granted because that’s the recipe for defeat.

  4. cassandram

    The GOP mounted up a GOTV phone bank for their endorsed candidates and this was what they could do. I take this to mean that there is still plenty of energy in DE to oppose anything trumpy. Especially anything trumpy getting anywhere near their kids. If you saw some of those town halls with these folks, I would have started looking at the PA real estate listings just in case. Am hoping that this is gonna be the energy for the next 2 years nationwide.

  5. As noted, the forces of insanity and ignorance will be back. But forewarned is fore armed, be ready to get out the vote.

  6. Meanwhile in Smyrna you have the superintendent volunteering on twitter to be “part of the mob” to attack the White House …yikes, lapse in judgement much1?! Where do they find these people? The Patriots movement is far from over and they are taking back the school boards.

    • Huh? Last I heard Dave Lawson wanted the super’s head because he was critical of Trump. Can you provide more detail?

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