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HB 158– Republican $500 Tax Credit

Some Republicans have introduced House Bill 158, which is a $500 Tax Credit for those making $18,000 or less individually or $36,000 or less if a married couple is filing jointly (in which case, the credit would be double, or $1,000).

I want to see what the catch is. It may just be a maneuver to rebrand their party as the working class party that Ted Cruz fantasizes about while at the same time starving the government of revenue. But on paper I would be for this tax credit if coupled with an increase in taxes on the wealthy in the form of a new tax brackets that some Democrats voted against in committee back in March.

If Democrats were smart, they’d promise to pass this bill with a House Bill 64 Amendment attached. Contrary to the thinking of some Representatives on the House Economic Everything Committee, taxing the wealthy is extremely popular and good policy.

House Bill 158 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Yearick, Briggs King, Gray, M.Smith
Pettyjohn, Wilson
Current Status — House Revenue & Finance 4/27/21

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