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HB 154 – Republican Cancel Culture Grievance Bill

House Bill 154 is totally the product of the conservative grievance fever dreams about “Cancel Culture” coming to get them. But as a stand alone bill, it seems simple enough. It’s a bill that makes it an unlawful employment practice for an employer to discriminate against any individual because of their political affiliation or political belief.

It is already against Delaware law for an employer to coerce or attempt to coerce any person about his or her voting activity. It does not appear that an anti-discrimination provision related to political beliefs or affiliation is part of Delaware’s employment law. So I have no problem with this bill being added, with an Amendment.

And that Amendment shall exempt from protected political beliefs and affiliations membership in the Nazi Party or any other white supremacist or white nationalist organization. We, the United States, and the State of Delaware, are still at war with the Nazi Party, and belief in white supremacism goes against our Constitution and hundreds of non-discrimination laws. So add that Amendment, Republicans, and we will pass your anti-cancel culture bill. Failure to add that amendment means you are protecting Nazis and white supremacism.

We are trying to cancel Nazis and white supremacists. Because they are evil. So if you are feeling like we are trying to cancel you, what does that tell you?

House Bill 154 SponsorsYes Votes No Votes
M.Smith, Briggs King, Gray, Morris, Ramone, D.Short, Shupe, Spiegelman, Vanderwende, Yearick
Pettyjohn, Hocker, Lawson
Current Status — House Labor 4/15/21

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2 comments on “HB 154 – Republican Cancel Culture Grievance Bill

  1. Part of the problem is political beliefs are totally undefined. Most places have a mission they ask employees to buy into – whether that manufacturing wickets is a good thing, that quality healthcare should be provided or in the case of my employer, that full reproductive healthcare should be provided. This seems like a ridiculous way to avoid the obvious answer – making Delaware no longer an “at will” employment state

  2. cassandram

    Is this going to apply to “religious” organizations too? Because they keep famously getting exemptions to exercise their bigotry which counts as discriminating because of differing beliefs.

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