Gun Safety Bills are Popular with Delaware Voters

With the Senate scheduled to vote on Senate Bills 3 and Senate 6 today, and hopefully the nervous leadership in the House will allow a vote on House Bill 124 soon, it is perhaps helpful to our legislators to see the polling numbers from a recent poll on several gun safety provisions, so that they don’t think the screaming hordes from the far right militias represent in any way actual public opinion in this state.

The poll was conducted by GBAO Strategies on behalf of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence of 600 registered voters in Delaware, with oversampling of Kent and Sussex County voters to ensure an accurate snapshot of voters in each county.

86% of Delaware voters support requiring all gun buyers pass a comprehensive background check. 72% strongly support this measure. 14% do not.

74% of Delaware voters support requiring individuals to obtain a permit before being able to buy a gun. 26% do not. 60% strongly support this measure. 19% strongly oppose it.

57% of Delaware voters would feel safer if all gun owners were required to be trained on gun usage, gun safety and gun storage. 35% say it would make no difference.

Unfortunately, the poll did not ask about banning large capacity gun magazines.

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