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SB 6 – Large Capacity Magazine Ban

A second gun safety bill was also introduced last week, in addition to Senate Bill 3 requiring gun safety training and a permit. This second bill, Senate Bill 6, is sponsored by the Senate President Pro Tempore Dave Sokola, and it would ban the sale of large-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 17 rounds. The bill also would create a buyback program and give Delaware gun owners until June 30, 2022 to sell their large-capacity magazines to the state. 

A 2018 study found that as many as 36% of guns used in crimes were equipped with large-capacity magazines, as were 40% of guns used in serious violent crimes, including the murders of police officers.  At least nine states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws banning large-capacity magazines, including New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.  

House Bill 115 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Sokola, Sturgeon, Townsend, Gay, Hansen, S.McBride, Pinkney, Poore
Chukwuocha, Bentz, Heffernan, Kowalko, Lynn, Minor-Brown, Morrison
Current Status — Senate Judiciary 3/25/21

“Responsible gun owners have no legitimate need to fire off 17 rounds without reloading,” said Sokola. “But limiting the sale of these absurdly large magazines will help to save lives in police standoffs and mass shootings where these items inevitably lead to far greater deaths and casualties.” 

“When I served in the military, I carried weapons capable of firing dozens of rounds without reloading. There is no reason for a civilian to be able to fire 20, 30 or 100 bullets at one time – not for hunting, and not for self-defense,” said Rep. Nnamdi Chukwuocha, the bill’s lead House sponsor. “Limiting the number of rounds that can be fired without reloading is a meaningful way to reduce gun violence – without restricting any law-abiding person’s ability to buy, own or possess a firearm. We have seen too many mass shootings where gunmen using these large-capacity magazines have hurt or killed dozens without reloading. It has to stop, and Delaware must take this step now, before we have our own tragedy on our hands.” 

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14 comments on “SB 6 – Large Capacity Magazine Ban

  1. Delaware Conservative

    This is the largest violation of the Bill of Rights that Delaware has ever tried to pass.

    • Says yet another moron who doesn’t actually understand the Constitution. Check SCOTUS rulings on guns. Restrictions on gun and ammo ownership are constitutional, even for this right-wing-nut-job bunch of justices. But not for you, because you’re a moron.

      Why are conservatives so stupid? Tis a perpetual mystery.

      • amanda biddle

        Says the person that knows nothing about guns and how these laws will do nothing to stop any gun violence as criminals/ you know would be mass shooters don’t care about breaking a couple laws when they are going to murder some people go back to sleep little sheep.You don’t read well do ya? what does the words “Shall not be infringed mean? I’ll wait. If you don’t want to exercise your god given rights that on you! But don’t you dare try to tell another American what they should do with their God given rights!

        • Hey shit-for-brains: Look up the Supreme Court rulings on gun laws. They restrain your right to private ownership all the time.

          The most common way gun owners die is by suicide. You should try it.

          • amanda biddle

            I guess you forgot to mention DC vs Heller? You idiots are to funny! Speaking of SCOTUS with trumps picks we now have the majority with pro gun and pro life judges that are already taking up pro gun cases! You liberal NPCs must be going full retarded after gates of hell shot! You people always show, what kind of people you are with telling someone they should kill themselves. I wouldn’t expect much from a person who supports killing babies with only a small percent is from rape when the majority of abortion is from selfishness to busy, not ruining my body, dead beat father etc. The best thing that happened to the supreme court lately was that geriatric supporting baby killer took the dirt nap and is dancing with the devil right about now!

            • Hateful twat says what?

            • John Kowalko

              ODE TO AN OGRE

              Amanda Biddle
              Full of hate-filled spittle
              Frothing at the mouth
              Her mind has gone south
              Not a shred of human decency can we detect
              Poor psycho must have suffered familial neglect
              Maybe Amanda should change her ways
              Lose the self-loathing consuming her days
              Unfortunately it’s doubtful that she’ll ever be changed
              There are very few options for someone so deranged
              But take heart Amanda Biddle your hatred and rage
              Is not read by anyone except on this page
              So look in your mirror and cringe at the reflection
              Make your hatred and anger suffer a rejection

              Rep. Kowalko

  2. John Kowalko

    “Why are conservatives so stupid”—– Brain damage from inhaling gunpowder fumes? Hugging and kissing their guns and ammo (lead poisoning) each night? Too much pizza at their local pedophile pizzeria? Sniffing Trumps arse for QAnon clues? Ordered to be “stupid” by those voices in their heads? (Fox and Friends) Visits from the spirit of Rush Limbaugh mixing his oxycodin with their sleeping pills.
    Representative John Kowalko

    • Too funny watching too much cnn and sniffing sleepy pedo joe’s ass mixed with the bill gates death potion turned you liberal lunatics into zombies! Funny you bring up pedos when commander in thief can’t stop from touching and sniffing little girls. I guess Epstein was nothing right lol you people live in your echo chamber and don’t realize your ass from a hole in the ground. Hows hunter? sitting back collecting that Chinese money while smoking some more parmesan cheese thinking it’s crack while banging some 14 yr olds! Wait until the REAL audits are completely and Ol Xiden gets what he deserves!

      • Fish swim, birds fly, assholes shit. You’re no bird and you’re no fish.

  3. John Kowalko

    Oh how cute. A little Biddle of Amanda spittle spewing from the lips of a mental diddel diddel. Now all you need is the cat and the fiddle since you already jumped over the moon.
    Rep. Kowalko

  4. nathan arizona

    Amanda, don’t forget other conspiracies like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, reptilian humanoid enslavers, the Illuminati and the believers in a round earth. OK, maybe that one. I mean look out at the horizon and it just seems to drop off, right? Like it’s flat or something. I don’t see anything round there. Also, are lowbrow right wingers still worried about fluoridation? Are your teeth falling out?

  5. Wasteofmytime

    Go fuck yourself Delaware government. Hope each of you feds and tyrants get murdered in your sleep like a femboy you are!

    • John Kowalko

      Obviously, to you, “large capacity” equates to your “small equipment” shortcomings. Good luck with that “waste of space”
      John Kowalko

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