Gays are not welcome in the DEGOP

If you are gay, Lauren Witnazi wants you to burn in Hell, and she definitely does not want you in the Republican Party. According to the conservative Daily Caller, Lauren Witnazi made her feelings clear in a Twitter spat with the equally odious Trumper Richard Grennell. Grennell is gay, and he was promoting the inclusion of the Log Cabin Republicans organization at CPAC. And of course, Witnazi objected.

You can read for yourself. Here is Grennell’s original tweet and Witnazi’s first response:

Grennell’s response:

Witnazi’s response and then Grennell’s pointed question that gets us to the heart of the matter:

Witnazi’s answer:

Grennell for some reason needed further clarification:

Witnazi ends with a response that I am sure she thinks is witty, but really just reveals her to be as much of a horrid asshole as you imagine:

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6 comments on “Gays are not welcome in the DEGOP

  1. Didn’t the DE GOP make this clear after the G*ne Truono thing? I still remember the quote from Rob Arlett about how he wasn’t fit to be a Senate candidate because he was married to a man

    • cassandram

      I dunno — Matthew Morris seems to be prepping for another run at US Representative. Although Morris is a gay man with a history of beating up a gay man, so the GQP might find that acceptable.

  2. cassandram

    This counts as “cancel culture”, right?

  3. Joe Connor

    I cant post it but I have a shot of a smiling NitWitzke and Matthew Morris at the 1/6 Insurrection. I wonder if he knows he’s been cancelled:)?

    • Jason330

      why can’t you post it?

      • Joe Connor

        Cause I’m a technical cripple:) don’t know how to post pics here, BTW Witzke got permanently banned from Twitter yesterday:)!

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