The 2021 General Assembly Vote Tracker

To help us keep up to date on all legislation that is of priority to liberals and progressives in Delaware, we will be tracking every piece of legislation as it goes through the legislative process, from filing to hearing to amendment to votes in each chamber.  The following list of legislation does not include every piece of legislation that has been filed this session, and it also does not include concurrent or joint resolutions unless they are particularly significant. 

A link to the specific legislation is provided if you move your mouse over the Bill Number.   A link to the Blue Delaware post that covers the bill is provided on the far left, marked by the word “Link.”   In the second column on the right, we will provide the bill’s current status and whether or not it has passed a chamber of the General Assembly.    In the last column on the right, we indicate whether we support or oppose the legislation.  If the color is green, we support it.  If the color is red, we oppose it.  If the color is gray, we are neutral or unsure.


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