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SB 58 – Let the Virus Win

You might think this title is hyperbolic. Exaggerated even. I do have a tendency for both. Not in this case. Senate Bill 58 is literally a declaration of surrender from Senator Dave Lawson (R-Cowards).

This abominable piece of legislation removes the State’s authority to forcibly isolate, quarantine, vaccinate, or treat individuals against their will for COVID-19 during a state of emergency relating to COVID-19. So if someone is infected with COVID, and this person refuses to isolate or quarantine themselves and/or refuses to seek treatment, this bill and its evil sponsors would prevent the state from doing anything about it, tying the state’s hands behind its back while this infected person is free to infect hundreds more.

Now, I am perfectly fine with an infected person not wanting to get treatment. If they want to die, that’s on them. In fact, if all the virus-denying, vaccine-refusing, mask-non-wearers could all go somewhere, get infected and die, that would be great. There would a lot less of the special brand of Trumpy self righteous arrogant yet ignorant people in this world, and the world would immediately become a better place.

What I am not fine with is when an infected person endangers others, which is what this bill actually wants to promote and allow. This is a pro-virus bill.

Thankfully, it will never see the light of day or get a vote.

Senate Bill 58 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Lawson, Pettyjohn, Richardson Wilson
Current Status: Senate Executive 2/12/21

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9 comments on “SB 58 – Let the Virus Win

  1. It’s called personal responsibility and freedom. Something the blue folks know nothing about.

  2. Albert Northridge

    Good for freedom. My body; my choice – sound familiar?

  3. SB 58 simply prevents the state from legally invading one’s home and forcing unwanted medical “treatment” against one’s will. It’s designed to protect a pretty basic “civil right”.
    On a side note, covid is responsible for .0003% of deaths globally, with a 99.7% survival rate. Heart disease, tuberculosis & dehydration from diarrhea are among the dozens of other medical conditions that claim more lives yearly than covid has. “Highly contagious” does not mean “highly deadly”; your sensationalism is as off-putting as your hate-filled rhetoric is.

  4. You are being a Chicken Little!
    The rate of survival is higher than the rate of effectiveness of the virus! We don’t have a side effects list and controlled data on its effectiveness.Thus many of us are not willing to take a vaccine with no true data!
    We have been anti vaccine since the autism rate started spiking. Yet you believe that suddenly Trump paid for a vaccine that is a cure all. Trump who every Democrat I know denounced his handling of the virus.
    Carney is high onMandate power and ultimate power ultimately corrupts!
    So we the research savvy so no! We say look at the DHSS flu numbers from prior years and last year. Know the number released is a PIC number not a Covid number (pneumonia, influenza and Covid). We see the cumulative deaths dropped drastically in heart disease, stroke, and many of the top te to increase Covid numbers.
    So yes, before politicians can make it a must. We the People must stand Up for Bill 58!

    You are wearing your mask to much and may have hypoxemia. You may want to get checked. It reduces the flow of blood to the brain and decreases rational thought.

    • John Kowalko

      Kim Wills
      You stated:
      “You are wearing your mask to much and may have hypoxemia. You may want to get checked. It reduces the flow of blood to the brain and decreases rational thought”.
      Oh so I imagine “you” must be holding your breath while wearing an airtight mask. Remember you can’t “decrease rational thought” if you don’t have a “rational thought”

      John Kowalko

      • John, can you share why you have no reservations in allowing others to make medical decisions for you? Because to me, that’s a pretty slippery slope. 😬

        Bear in mind, not everyone who might support this bill is anti-vax OR right wing. Some of us “liberals” just want more evidence that a product, not yet FDA approved, is actually safe & effective BEFORE we commit to accepting it. And, IMO, two months just isn’t enough time to conclude that with any certainty. 🤷‍♀️

        Other concerns I personally have is: brand new technology, no manufacturer liability, by-passed animal testing & no long term safety studies. Not to mention W.H.O. has a list of people who shouldn’t receive these inoculations (people with severe allergies, pregnant women, children under 16, those with compromised immune systems, etc), so I certainly wouldn’t want those people to be forced to participate in something that could be even more dangerous to their health. 😱

        Given all these factors, I don’t feel its unrealistic for people to be allowed to err on the side of caution & maintain their rights to decide for themselves their medical care. 🙏

        I know we all want a healthy, happy community. But the notion that someone else should be able to impose a “one-size-fits-all” medical treatment on the whole of society, whether society wants it or not, simply isn’t rational…let alone ethical. 😬

        • John Kowalko

          No one is or has been forcing medical decisions on anyone. No one is forcing anyone to have a vaccine. It is however the duty and responsibility of government to protect the lives and health of all of its citizens. If you are carrying a highly infectious life-threatening disease than YOU do not have the right to spread this virus and should be quarantined. If you choose not to wear a mask in your home or car that is your right to do so but YOU do not have the right to mingle with other members of the public without a mask as long this disease can be so easily spread to innocent people. Those people have the right to healthy and long lives and NO ONE has the right to threaten their lives.

  5. Debra Hanna

    I personally question everything about this so called vaccine. This is an unprecedented technology that permanently alters DNA. I cannot find anything ethical about any of this. What does the result of this look like in the next generations?? There’s no data to review. There were no animal studies conducted, that’s a huge red flag. Does a 99.7% survival rate even warrant the need for a vaccine?? And such a risky vaccine at that?? If the government is ever allowed to violate free will and the Nuremberg Code, we will forever surrender our freedom. We must draw a line in the sand. We must retain free will and we must regain control of this run amok tyrannical government that believes they have this power, they do not! It is our responsibility and it is time for every Delawarean and every American to wake up to reality. The current state of affairs exists because We the People failed to run our government and to properly direct the actions of the power hungry, greedy employees that we put into office. Now we cannot even vote them out because they have hijacked the free vote process, voting is meaningless. It’s time to shut down the corporation pretending to be our government and to govern ourselves as intended and fought for by our founders.
    Debra, Hartly

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