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HB47 – Unpaid Family Leave for School District Employees

Back in 2017, the General Assembly unanimously passed a law, House Bill 64, provided that if a mother who is a full time state employee had exhausted her benefits under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), then may have up to six further weeks of unpaid leave.

Then in 2018, the General Assembly passed House Bill 3 providing for six weeks of paid family leave for full time state employees, including employees of school districts. That bill passed Passed the House 27-13 and the Senate 16-4-1.

The original House Bill 64 in 2017 did not clarify that school district employees were eligible for the unpaid additional six weeks of leave on top of the FMLA benefits and the paid leave benefits under the 2018 House Bill 3. So this current bill, House Bill 47, makes that correction and clarification, stating that school district employees are entitled to the same unpaid leave as full time state employees.

House Bill 47 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Briggs King Shupe M.Smith Bennett Kowalko Minor Brown Mitchell
Lockman Ennis Gay Paradee Sokola
Current Status: House Education 1/7/21

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