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HB75 – No Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment – ready for a vote

State House Democrats have passed a constitutional amendment out of committee along party lines, meaning that the Amendment is now ready for a vote on the House floor. This Amendment would eliminate the requirement that voters present an excuse to vote absentee by mail. House Democrats need at least two Republican votes on the full floor for this amendment to reach the two-thirds supermajority needed for passage, although their Senate counterparts could pass the amendment without any GOP support given the Democratic Super Majority in the Senate.

House Bill 75 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Bentz, Longhurst, Baumbach, Brady, Dorsey Walker, Griffith, Heffernan, K.Johnson, Kowalko, Lambert, Lynn, Matthews, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Osienski, Schwartzkopf, K.Williams, Wilson-Anton
Hansen, Poore, Paradee, Ennis, Gay, Lockman, Mantzavinos, S.McBride, Pinkney, Sokola, Sturgeon, Townsend, Walsh
Current Status: House Floor as of 1/21/21

House Bill 75 is the final leg of the Constitutional Amendment process, since the Amendment has already passed through the prior General Assembly session in 2019. Then, House Bill 73 passed the House 38-3 and the Senate 14-5-1-1.

As you can see, this Amendment got plenty of Republican support in 2019. But now that their fascist Dear Leader hates no excuse absentee voting (otherwise referred to as vote by mail), I wonder if they will all know change their minds like weak kneed cowards. Because that is what they will be if they voted yes in 2019 and no now. Not to mention they will reveal that they oppose democracy.

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