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HB75 – No Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment – ready for a vote

State House Democrats have passed a constitutional amendment out of committee along party lines, meaning that the Amendment is now ready for a vote on the House floor. This Amendment would eliminate the requirement that voters present an excuse to vote absentee by mail. House Democrats need at least two Republican votes on the full floor for this amendment to reach the two-thirds supermajority needed for passage, although their Senate counterparts could pass the amendment without any GOP support given the Democratic Super Majority in the Senate.

House Bill 75 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Bentz, Longhurst, Baumbach, Brady, Dorsey Walker, Griffith, Heffernan, K.Johnson, Kowalko, Lambert, Lynn, Matthews, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Osienski, Schwartzkopf, K.Williams, Wilson-Anton
Hansen, Poore, Paradee, Ennis, Gay, Lockman, Mantzavinos, S.McBride, Pinkney, Sokola, Sturgeon, Townsend, Walsh
Current Status: House Floor as of 1/21/21

House Bill 75 is the final leg of the Constitutional Amendment process, since the Amendment has already passed through the prior General Assembly session in 2019. Then, House Bill 73 passed the House 38-3 and the Senate 14-5-1-1.

As you can see, this Amendment got plenty of Republican support in 2019. But now that their fascist Dear Leader hates no excuse absentee voting (otherwise referred to as vote by mail), I wonder if they will all know change their minds like weak kneed cowards. Because that is what they will be if they voted yes in 2019 and no now. Not to mention they will reveal that they oppose democracy.

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13 comments on “HB75 – No Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment – ready for a vote

  1. John Bruce Gingrich

    Honorable General Assembly Members: Our “open voting system in November 2020 was touted as a great success. I beg to dissent from that view. I’ve been voting here for 21 years, and have never seen such a debacle. First of all, I vote in the 36th District. While there were 4 voting machines in the primaries at our voting site, there were only TWO for the general election, and long lines lasting 2-3 hours were at Memorial Fire Station #2 all day long. Firstly, I got an unsolicited ballot by mail. I did not wanted to go in person because: 1) I was not an absentee; 2) our mail service is already slow and stressed; 3) I feel it is our duty to vote in person unless there is a very valid reason. When I went to vote, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t “double voting,” so I mentioned it at the sign-in desk for voting. The lady there told me it was no problem-it would be caught by the Election Commission. I was alarmed for that reason alone. I feel it important to show ID, which you don’t have to do by mail. Personally, I know that I receive still receive mail for my ex-wife at my address. What was to stop me from taking her ballot, signing it, and mailing it back in. Secondly, if mail was sent to me (which I get all the time), and that person had moved or deceased, there is no way of checking to see that I had not voted in their stead, and we all know the rolls are not being purged. Lastly, our mail system has been in turmoil ever since the election, even until now, and I have received at at least 3 overdue bill notices even though I had mailed them weeks in advance of their due date. THIS SYSTEM SETS UP THE POSSIBILITY FOR INSECURE ELECTIONS AND VOTER FRAUD. WHY WOULD YOU BREAK A SYSTEM THAT HAS BEEN WORKABLE FOR 99 % OF VOTERS FOR MANY DECADES.

    If you wish to be a Democrat State, instead of a democratic state, that is the only reason I can see for voting for this bill. IT IS DISRESPECTUL OF EVERY HONEST CITIZEN WHO WANTS TRUE ELECTIONS AND NOT WINNING AT ANY COST TO FREEDOM AND PRIDE IN OUR INSTITUTIONS.

    • cassandram

      How pathetic is this. This person literally encounters a system that worked as designed — with perhaps too few voting machines. If you vote by mail, they stop you from voting in person. If you order food via Grubhub, you won’t get another order if you show up for it. Sheesh. It is disrespectful to every Delawarean to not make voting as convenient and secure as possible.

      • At least he dispels the idea that ignorance is bliss. He’s ignorant and not too blissful about it.

      • John (Jackson) Gingrich

        If you consider getting unsolicited ballots in the mail (for people who no longer live here) and then having regular mail billing statements and penalties for paying late a smooth-working system, on top of which there were hours long lines at regular polling sites, then I have to wonder which part of the state you voted in. It wasn’t my part of Sussex County. Our mail was messed up for over 2 months after the election.

        • John Kowalko

          Yeah thanks to your hero and idol Donald J. and that syphilitic sore infecting the Postal Service Louis DeJoy that the orange idiot appointed.
          Rep. John Kowalko

          • John (Jackson) Gingrich

            Not my hero – didn’t vote for either. Just having a reflex reaction for the simplest explanation instead of a deeper analysis for what will go wrong in the future is so easy and doesn’t overtax your brain.

            • Deeper analysis. You people crack me up. You don’t have the slightest idea of “what will go wrong in the future.” Y’all are obsessed with cheating because, given the opportunity, you yourself would cheat.

              Stop mistaking your own moral shortcomings for the shortcomings of others. The fact that you’re a sneaky little shit doesn’t mean everyone is.

        • It takes a true moron — you appear to be one — to fail to understand that checking the ID of the person occurs, as does fraud, only if one of those unsolicited ballots is mailed in. Despite incredible amounts of effort, none of you “conservatives” have found any evidence of this, except, of course, by various conservatives.

          The mail was messed up on purpose by your cohorts. Pretty amusing to have you little fucksticks turn around and use that as an excuse to limit voting.

          Judging by you, the state of public education in SuxCo is abysmal. Why don’t you move to Alabama, where you’ll actually be in the smarter half of the population?

        • Mitch Crane

          No unsolicited ballots were mailed to anyone. Every registered voter received an application for a mail-in ballot. Mailed in applications were verified by the non-partisan county election boards,

          • John Bruce Gingrich

            I received an absentee ballot and did NOT request it. Therefore, would you not call that an unsolicited ballot? How would the Election Board verify the mailed-in ballots if the person was formerly on the registration rolls and moved or was deceased? Do they cross-check with death records or state income tax filing? That is a legitimate question, and non-partisan. Also, how difficult is it to present an ID? You have to have one to use the PHARMACY, DRIVE A VEHICLE, OR CASH A CHECK. YOU CAN GET A NON-DRIVERS ID AT ANY DMV. How difficult is that? There, I said all that without insulting anyone, impugning their intelligence, or using the f’-word,

            • Yet you’re not intelligent enough to address these questions to the officials who could answer them, instead indulging in performative protest to people who disagree with you. This indicates that you’re not interested in the answers to these questions, and for this reason I impugn your intentions and/or intelligence.

  2. John Bruce Gingrich

    That’s Interesting. What you’re saying is that it is a waste of time and energy to engage with people who have another opinion. Because their minds are made up and can’t be persuaded. I’ve contacted my representatives many times, and being in the minority in a one-party state for nearly forty years means you have to go outside your party and your comfort zone. So much for dialogue!.

  3. No, I”m saying it’s a waste of time and energy to challenge people with whom you disagree with a bunch of ill-informed “questions” that amount to you bitching and moaning. If you really want answers to the questions, go to the places that will give you answers. That’s not what you did.

    You don’t want dialogue. Like most conservatives literate enough to type messages on blogs, you want to start an argument that you can then “win,” but you do it wielding tired Fox News tropes that only the idiots who watch Fox News believe.

    This isn’t Tutor Time for conservatives. Either educate yourself on the issues before you venture forth with ignorance as your shield, or move to Alabama where you would qualify as an intellectual.

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