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HB40/SB108 – The Forced Ultrasound Bill is Back

Now look, Republicans, I understand coming back each session and introducing a bill that you disgustingly believe in but has no chance in hell of ever getting a hearing yet alone a vote in the General Assembly. That is your right, so fine, do it. But do you have to do it twice? You guys understand that you don’t have to introduce identical bills in each chamber of the General Assembly for a bill to get acted on, right? Conservatives used to believe in efficiency, not duplicity.

So once again, the dream team of nightmares, Senator Bryant Richardson and Representative Richard Collins, have introduced two bills that would force women to have an ultrasound before any abortion services are considered. Further, if an ultrasound is not forced upon a pregnant woman by a group of old white men who view women as property, then the doctor will face criminal and/or civil penalties.

Senate Bill 108 SponsorsYes Votes No Votes
Richardson, Bonini, Hocker, Lawson, Pettyjohn
Collins, Morris, Postles, Yearick
Current Status: Senate Legislative Oversight & Sunset 4/14/21

Both bills say the patient is free to not view or listen to the ultrasound. Then what is the freaking point of the bill? The point of these horrible bills is to make the woman seeking an abortion hear the heartbeat of the fetus so as to make them have second thoughts of obtaining an abortion, or at the very least make them feel guilty. That is the whole point. Further, I don’t see how it is possible for the patient to not view or listen to the ultrasound. The ultrasound is a portable machine that is brought into your room, right next to the bed, with the monitor easily viewable by the patient and sound of the heartbeat blasted out by speakers on the machine. I mean, I guess the woman could close her eyes and wear earmuffs, but still. It’s the whole point of the bill.

House Bill 40 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Collins, D.Short, Vanderwende, Yearick
Richardson, Bonini, Hocker
Current Status: House Health & Human Development 12/17/20

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3 comments on “HB40/SB108 – The Forced Ultrasound Bill is Back

  1. cassandram

    Who pays for this ultrasound? Are they asking for state money to pay for this? These can cost $250 – $500 if not covered by insurance. There’s no medical necessity for this procedure so now we see the local GOP looking to actually increase healthcare costs by mandating medically unnecessary services. This culture war stuff they persist in helps no Delawarean.

  2. HB 40: The Woman’s Right to Know Act simply requires an abortion provider to OFFER a patient the option of seeing her ultrasound prior to the abortion procedure. That’s it.

    Women can still refuse to view it if they choose. HB 40 does not remove a woman’s choice, it simply allows her to make an informed choice.

    Please vote YES on HB 40, the Woman’s Right to Know Act!

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