Coons, Carper, LBR are for Trump’s immediate removal

In quick succession on Wednesday and yesterday, our Congressional delegation, called for the Terrorist Trump to be removed immediately, either through the 25th Amendment and Impeachment and Removal.


“As I said last night, he should be removed from office as quickly as possible. Whether that be through the 25th or impeachment,” Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester wrote on Twitter Thursday. “He’s long been unfit for office. Now he’s a clear and present danger to the country.”

I also want to draw your attention to something that I think needs to be seen. Here is a video from CBS News of the Congresswoman during the violent Trump terrorist attack on America. She is publicly praying.

I point it out because I think it is the most genuine and sincere act of public prayer I have seen in a while. It’s not the way I pray, but that doesn’t matter because it is the way she does. And she resorted to it in a time of maximum fear and danger. And that’s genuine.


Immediately after the attempt coup by the Trump Terrorists, Senator Carper defaulted to his original Carperdyne Moderation programming by saying that removing Trump in the next two weeks would be unnecessary. But his staff rebooted his hard drive so that it could accept new data, and Carper then said this: “As elected officials, our words matter. They carry weight. And we have an obligation to wield them responsibly,” he said in a statement. “This president, and those who have continued to push the conspiracy theories to which he clings, are complicit in creating an environment that has led to the violence and destruction we saw here today.”

“Our country is better than this. But, unfortunately, this is who Donald Trump is. His concern is only for himself – not for the innocent lives his rhetoric endangers, not for the democratic institutions it undermines, not for the country it further divides.

“I have said repeatedly today that Donald Trump should resign immediately. If he refuses, then we must find ways to safeguard our democracy for the next 14 days and remove him from office. It’s not enough to simply ‘turn the temperature down.’

“My Republican colleagues must unequivocally reject the conspiracy theories and extremism that fueled this attack on our peaceful transition of power. Tell the American people the truth. Choose the world’s greatest democracy over Donald Trump.”

Honestly, I have to say I was surprised. Good on Carper.


Senator Coons said in statement last night: “These next two weeks are dangerous for our democracy. Make no mistake, Trump incited this riot. This is a fire that he first lit in Charlottesville, and that has only been building in intensity in the last few years, and will only be solved by the removal of President Trump.” This echoed a statement he made late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning on the Senate floor, saying Trump “does not deserve to be president any longer, and he poses a real and present threat to the future of our democracy.”

More surprisingly, Coons also called for Republican insurrectionist Senators Cruz and Hawley to resign, and failing that, he would be open to their expulsion from the Senate.

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4 comments on “Coons, Carper, LBR are for Trump’s immediate removal

  1. Carper is a mealy-mouthed weasel. He is as slimy as Ted Cruz, but clearly, less motivated. When he speaks, he always says nothing. Our president tries to overthrow the government and Carper’s response is “Well, that’s Trump.” Hooray for Coons for calling for Hawley and Cruz to resign. He should go a step further and call for Carper’s resignation as well.

    • Chris Coons has mollycoddled everyone across the aisle for what, 10 years now? His sudden growth of a vertebra or two is equivalent to all the Republicans who suddenly now condemn Trump, after humoring him and cowering in fear of him for four years.

      Hooray my ass. He might be short, but he still knows how to stick a finger in the wind. Fuck him, too.

      • Yes. I agree. I voted against him in the primary. He is way too much of a career politician. But at least now, he can make a stand. Carper NEVER takes a stand on ANYTHING! He talks out of both sides of his mouth EVERY SINGLE TIME! Coons is bad. Carper is much worse.

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