Network Delaware’s Policy Action of the Week

Stop Croda chemical company from endangering residents!

Policy Overview
“After having one of the largest releases of Ethylene Oxide (an explosive carcinogen) in the country in 2018 which resulted in the closure of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Croda has again violated the conditions of their state air permits. The current violations include:

1) Connecting an unpermitted source into an air pollution control device (scrubber)
2) Exceeding the annual emission limit for Ethylene Oxide at the scrubber
3) Failure to meet requirements for how much Ethylene Oxide is removed by the the scrubber
4) Operation of an unpermitted source of Ethylene Oxide (a hot well containing vapors and liquid from Ethylene Oxide production).”

Send your grievances to DNREC and make your voice heard!

Reasons to SUPPORT the policy:

— A healthy environment is a human right.
— Your impassioned input can inspire government officials to take action.

How to Act:
— Find out your State Representative and State Senator’s contact information here
— Sign this petition

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