Who are Delaware’s Electors?

We only get three. And on December 14, at 11:30 a.m., our three electors will cast their votes for Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. to be our next President and for Kamala Devi Harris to be our next Vice President. The votes will be cast in person at the Memorial Hall Gymnasium at Delaware State University in Dover. The event will be live streamed to the public through We will provide a link to the event on that day here at Blue Delaware.

The three electors are former Delaware Democratic Party Chairman John Daniello, former Delaware General Assembly candidate Marie Mayor, and Marla Blunt-Carter, who is our Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester’s sister. If any one of them, or all three of them, cannot serve, then the alternates are former State Party Chair Erik Raser-Schramm (it is sad to write “former” there), current Chair Elizabeth Maron and Vice Chair James Hussey.

The state parties select the electors for their respective candidates. The Delaware Republican Party had a slate of individuals ready to serve as electors and alternates too if by some outlandish miracle Trump had won Delaware.

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  1. Saw this news article on them the other day. Kind of interesting

    • Delaware Dem

      That is a nice profile of Mrs. Blunt Carter.

      • It is a diluted and disrespectful profile of Ms. Blunt Carter. She is accomplished in her own right and they only mention her relationship with Congresswoman Blunt Rochester.

        • Delaware Dem

          Ok. That is not how I read it at all. It’s a nice story about how she overcame her recent stroke, with tons of quotes from Marla. However, given that apparently Ms. Blunt Carter believes that my using her photo that she posted on her own Twitter account of her campaigning for Biden in Iowa as some kind of outrageous attack on her, perhaps you and Ms. Blunt Carter are just looking for things to be outraged about.

          • Are we supposed to pretend that Ms. Blunt Carter got the nod because she’s accomplished in her own right? Because I assure you that is not the case. She got the position because she’s Ms. Blunt Rochester’s sister, just as Elizabeth Maron got her position as an alternate by being John Daniello’s daughter.

            Phony outrage does real harm by inuring people to things actually worthy of outrage.

            • You very obviously don’t know Marla.

            • Actually, the 3 alternates are the 3 top positions in the state party at the time of appointment (chair, female vice-chair and male vice-chair).

              • Distinction without a difference. How do you think she got that role, as well as all the other roles she has held in the party? By being the daughter of John Daniello, that’s how.

                I’m pretty sure you know that.

                • I know that she has spent the last 15 years (maybe more) working in the party, not resting on the laurels of her father. The fact that a child could excel in an area that their parent also excelled is not unheard of in many pursuits. At the moment, I work for a telecommunications company, as did my father for his whole career. Lawyers beget lawyer, teachers beget teachers and writers beget writers. I’m pretty sure that you know that.

                  I’m not willing to dis Betsy’s work in the party because of who her father is.

                  • Did your father get you the job? If so, then it’s analogous; if not, then it’s not. “Going into” a field is not the same as getting ahead in that field because of family connections. Are you going to pretend otherwise?

                    Lots of legacies who get into Ivy League schools go on to do good work; that doesn’t negate the fact that they were legacy admissions and therefore would not be where they are without nepotism.

                    I don’t like second- and third-generation Kennedys, either.

                    • No, but I was in a house that talked about data transmission, mobile phones, 911 service, etc. So the vernacular wasn’t daunting, the process was easily understandable to me and I excelled as a result.

                      Betsy has been working in and around the DelDems for her whole life. That knowledge and perspective goes a long way to understand where we are and how we got here. Hardly anyone elected her as state vice chair because of her father. They voted for her because she had held numerous leadership positions in NCC and had made friends and alliances on her own.

                    • OK, Pollyanna, have it your way. I think you’re full of shit, but you’re not gonna admit it, so have it your way.

                    • Were you able to type that with a straight face? I’ve given you historical facts and my personal observations about a real live person, and you’ve delivered one-liners that are generalizations, at best (caricatures, at worst).

                    • Not one of those facts or personal experiences negates the fact that she got a leg up because of her last name. The two facts are not in opposition. And I’m sorry you think that stating that is a “one-liner.” It’s a fact, and you can’t actually negate it, so stop trying. You’re pissing up a rope.

                      I frankly don’t give a crap what kind of job she’s done, or if she deserves to be an alternate compared with whoever else might be qualified for the job. Internal affairs of the Democratic Party don’t matter to me. The nepotistic passing on of power in the state does, and the quality of work being done by the beneficiaries of nepotism doesn’t affect my opinion. Melanie George did some good work; I don’t care, she was still the beneficiary of nepotism. Beau Biden was a great guy, but he was the beneficiary of nepotism. You could probably list more examples than I could.

                      You can disagree all you want, that’s my opinion and your opinion of Ms. Maron isn’t going to change my mind, regardless of her standing as a real live person. But just as a reminder, I used her as a second example of another person who got a post because she’s related to someone. Could you do me the favor of not pretending this is some earthshaking claim I’m making? Your overenthusiastic defense of Ms. Maron notwithstanding, nepotism in politics is as common as the common cold.

                    • Allen Handy

                      The state of Delaware is infected with cronyism and nepotism. There is nothing to respect, here. The Democrat Party in Delaware is like a closed union shop. The state Chamber of Commerce is limited almost exclusively to New Castle County and the almost nonexistent presence of minority owned businesses in the state. You can count on one hand the number of black owned business in Delaware that aren’t sole proprietorships and actually has employees. Dems have evolved into little more than an occupying army that denies opportunity to whomever dares to point out their emperor has no clothes.

  2. Joe Connor

    Fun Fact I was standing nest to the person that took said picture in Iowa City on the Saturday before the caucus. It was a fun moment.

    • Delaware Dem

      Exactly, and it is a fun picture. That she takes my posting of it as an attack on her reveals a lot about her than it does about me.

  3. “No, but I was in a house that talked about data transmission, mobile phones, 911 service, etc. So the vernacular wasn’t daunting, the process was easily understandable to me and I excelled as a result.”

    Sorry, but most intelligent people understand this “vernacular” as well and yet have no connection to the communications field. I call BS. Just because you are successful doesn’t mean you deserve success…..(trumper)/s

    • Did you understand it in 1994? Because that’s when I started working in the field. I was soaking in the vernacular since the 70s.

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