Daily Delawhere – 11/28/2020

Hercules Building in Wilmington. Photo by @robxpaul

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  1. Technically the Hercules Plaza, though I’m not sure the current owner calls it that these days. When this building was built in the early 1980s, the building at Ninth and Market streets that’s currently the Residences at Rodney Square was known as the Hercules Building.

  2. Joe Connor

    The site of Dan Frawley’s Inauguration Party:)

  3. A $60 million vanity project completed with taxpayer money ($16 million UDAG grant). Another example of the folly of government paying corporations to locate jobs where they wouldn’t go otherwise.

  4. That $16 million Urban Development Action Grant turned into the gift that kept on giving for Wilmington. It was structured as a loan, with Hercules’ repayment going to a city-controlled fund used for redevelopment projects. Among them, if I remember correctly, was the renovation of the Market Street building that houses the musician David Bromberg’s rare violin business, as well as Bromberg himself.
    As for the party, longtime Wilmingtonians will recall that inside it was quite impressive in its early years, with a soaring multistory atrium with a few shops, lavish indoor landscaping and a very nice restaurant on its lower level facing H. Fletcher Brown Park and the Brandywine. I saw a report a couple of years ago that local restaurateur Dan Butler was exploring reopening the long-shuttered eatery, but nothing seems to have come of it.

  5. Joe Connor

    It was a hellova party venue !. Frawley knew how to party! The building was clearly a boondoggle.

  6. Here’s a link with some of the history, along with a drawing of the initial proposal for the Hercules Building — a 52-story office tower.

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