It’s time for Coons to name names

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) told CNN that some of his Republican colleagues have said to him in private to “please convey my well wishes to the President-Elect, but I can’t say that publicly yet.”

But Coons also declined to names names, saying, “these are conversations that are best kept private.” In Coons’ view, his job was to continue urging them privately to “do the right thing.”

I hope Chris Coons because Secretary of State now, because he is just absolutely useless as a legislative Democrat at a time when his Republican friends in the Senate are publicly supporting a fucking coup d’ etat. Oh, I can’t offend my traitorous friends while they are committing treason because that might upset them. Oh what to do!

If Chris Coons had any moral outrage or courage in his body, he would immediately call a press conference and out these private Republican Biden well wishers. Shame them, Chris. To not do that gives life and acceptance to the GOP’s baseless fraud claims by letting them go almost entirely unchecked. And this message is not directed to just Chris Coons. I am sure Amy Klobuchar and Joe Manchin and Diane Feinstein all have Republican friends who at this moment committed a crime against democracy and our Constitution. They do not deserve confidentiality or privacy or any consideration whatsoever.

Here’s Coons: 

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2 comments on “It’s time for Coons to name names

  1. Calling this MFer twice a day until he grows a spine and calls them out.
    He’s hedging. He’s trying to play both sides so if this coup works (and I put the odds at 50/50 given all the resignations and firings at thr pentagon), he’ll try and garner favor with the GOP. A useless traitor and a slug. Nothing more.

  2. I agree with Ben, Coons is worthless and a traitor.

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