The Delaware Aftermath

Democrats swept to victory in all statewide races yesterday, voting for favorite son Joe Biden for President, reelecting John Carney as Governor, Chris Coons as Senator, Lisa Blunt Rochester as Congresswoman, Bethany Hall Long as Lt. Governor, and Trinidad Navarro as Insurance Commissioner. Democrats flipped two Republican Senate seats in the State Senate into their column, attaining a super majority in the upper chamber.

Democrat Kyle Evans Gay defeated incumbent Republican Senator Cathy Cloutier by 52% to 48% in the 5th Senate District. Democrat Spiros Mantzavinos avenged the shock 2016 loss of the 7th Senate District to Republican Anthony Delcollo. Mantzavinos won 51% to 49%. The updated Senate District map is below, and you can now see the stark geographical divide between the parties in the state. Democrats in the Senate have now won all seats in the Senate that they can be expected demographically to win.

Democrat Jaci Hugg in the 15th SD lost to incumbent Republican Senator David Lawson, by 55% to 45%. The Democrats now have a 14-7 majority in the Senate.

Over in the House, the story was more disappointing. There were four competitive races, one an open seat in the 8th that the Democrats were defending, and three where Democrats were challenging potentially vulnerable Republican incumbents. Unfortunately, all the Republican incumbents, Mike Ramone in the 21st RD, Mike Smith in the 22nd RD, and Kevin Hensley in the 9th RD, all won. Democrat Rae Moore won the open 8th RD. So the House majority for the Democrats remains at 26-15. Here is the new House map:

In Kent County, Democrats swept the Row offices of the Clerk of the Peace (Brenda Wootten) and the Register of Wills (Harold Brode), not that those offices are in any way partisan (and shouldn’t be elective offices in my opinion). Democrats Joanne Masten, Allen Angel, and George Sweeney all won their Levy Court races. And of course, in Sussex County, all the Republicans won the county races.

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10 comments on “The Delaware Aftermath

  1. SD 6: because whoever numbered the districts decided to add a little chaos and confusion to the mix to piss off cartographers and people who like seeing things organized and rational.

    • (Seriously, can we please fix that in redistricting? We can start the count from Sussex if it makes them feel better – just as long as it proceeds in a relatively rational geographic fashion)

      • Delaware Dem

        LOL. It all has to do with redistricting I think. For example, when Sussex gained a new district after a census, they moved a New Castle County district down there and just kept the number.

  2. SussexWatcher


    The Ds would have picked up a seat on the County Council down here if they’d have run a warm body in the 3rd District. As it was, 10,000 people WROTE IN the name of a complete unknown against developer puppet Mark Schaeffer, who got 16,000 votes. Imagine if a real candidate was actually on the ballot?

    That’s got to be a record for write-ins in Delaware. Someone should look that up.

    The Democrats only bothered to contest one race, and that was with a RWNJ ex-Republican idiot, Hunter Hastings.

    Greg Fuller became a laughingstock yet again – I think this is his fourth failure to get elected to some sort of office.

    The only bright spot for the Dems is that Cindy Green will be moving out of the Register of Wills office onto County Council and thus Carney will be appointing someone to fill the next two years. If he picks Greg Fuller, I’m going to barf.

  3. Take heart, Delcollo and Cloutier are gone, it was a long slow flush, but the job is done.

  4. Bobbi Walker

    I looked at each race before and after the mail in ballots were added. Some of those winners would have lost without those mail in ballots. Funny how one sided those mail is were. I guess none of the Republicans were worried about Covid 19!

    • Delaware Dem

      Yes. Most Democrats voted by mail. And most Republicans voted in person. I voted by mail. My mail vote counts just the same as a machine vote cast in person. Just as legal.

    • Their cult leader explicitly told them not to

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