The Competitive Races

Yesterday, we reviewed the Safe Races. Today, we will review the Competitive Races and make some predictions and show you some maps. Now, just because these races are classified as competitive, that doesn’t mean that either candidate in the race can win. If that were the case, the race would be labeled a Toss Up. No, they are labeled competitive because at least both candidates are credible and running actual campaigns. And there are some races listed below where I can imagine an underdog campaign actually winning given the right circumstances. Not likely, not probable, but not outside the realm of possibility.

For example, in the 14th RD, in a Republican year, I can see Craig Pugh beating the soon to be retired Bruce Ennis. But it is a Democratic year, so it is not likely. If there was not a pandemic on, limiting retail campaign opportunities, I can see Jordan Nally really making a race of it against Gerald Brady. The same could be true of Tripp Keister, if he was actually in Delaware and not down in Florida being a baseball manager. If he was here, and there was no pandemic, and if it was a Republican year, then his race with Eric Morrison could be a toss up. If Jeff Cragg was someone else, and it were a Republican year, then Krista Griffith would have a Toss Up race. But he is not, it is not, and she will win reelection.

And the simple truth is, this is a Democratic wave year. Democratic incumbents up and down the state are going to win in Democratic Districts. And, as we will discuss tomorrow, Democratic candidates in Toss Up districts have a very good shot to win. Conversely, Republican incumbents in safe Republican districts should have no problems winning reelection. Their races might be closer, but they will hang on.

So here are my predictions in each of the Competitive Races. Tomorrow, we will discuss the Toss Ups, and some of the Kent County Levy Court and Row races that I have no clue about.


  • 1st SD–Sarah McBride over Steve Washington
  • 9th SD–Jack Walsh over Todd Ruckle
  • 13th SD–Marie Pinkney over Alexander Homich
  • 14th SD–Bruce Ennis over Craig Pugh

There are three remaining Senate races on the ballot in this election, all held by Republicans: the 5th, held by Republican incumbent Senator Cathy Cloutier; the 7th, held by Republican Senator Anthony DelCollo, and the 15th, held by Republican Senator Dave Lawson. The rest of the light colored seats on the map below are Senate seats not up for election this year: the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 21st SDs.


  • 4th RD–Gerald Brady over Jordan Nally
  • 7th RD–Larry Lambert over James Haubrich and Scott Gesty
  • 12th RD–Krista Griffith over Jeffrey Cragg
  • 15th RD–Valerie Longhurst over Michael Higgin and Amy Merlino
  • 26th RD–Madinah Wilson Anton over Timothy Conrad
  • 27th RD–Eric Morrison over Tripp Keister and William Hinds
  • 29th RD–William Bush over Robin Hayes
  • 30th RD–Shannon Morris over Chuck Groce
  • 31st RD–Sean Lynn over Richard Harpster
  • 32nd RD–Andria Bennett over Cheryl Precourt
  • 33rd RD–Charles Postles over Rachael King
  • 34th RD–Lyndon Yearick over Adewunmi Kuforji
  • 35th RD–Jesse Vanderwende over Darrynn Harris
  • 36th RD–Bryan Shupe over Greg Fuller

As you can see below, that leaves us with four Toss Up House races, three of which are held by Republican incumbents and one is an Open Seat but is currently held by a Democrat.

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7 comments on “The Competitive Races

  1. So maybe the Wilmington City Council R race belongs here?

    It’s been really distressing to watch Steve Washington abandon his own message to make common cause with the racist, homophobic and just batshit crazy part of the GOP. There was a long FB thread the other day that was just plain awful and it is clear that Steve does not know that all of these people are literally using him because they think he is speaking to Black people. It was all just ugly and I don’t think that Steve can run for anything credibly again.

    I’m not even sure that Alexander Komich is even running for real. Looks to me that he got in to max out his FB friends, steal Senator McBride’s campaign logo and post some of the usual GOP anti-black grievance bullshit. I thought for awhile that maybe he was a bot.

    • Delaware Dem

      No, it will in the toss up races tomorrow

    • I’m with you on this, Cassandra. I posted some comments on one thread where Washington’s campaign published a photo of a Family Research Council pamphlet. When I called him out, he appeared confused. I actually wonder if he’s turned the keys to his campaign over to some of the Delaware Family Policy Council folks who seem to be pushing his candidacy. I honestly think he doesn’t realize the shit he’s posting is bigoted and transphobic. Of course, that doesn’t excuse him. It’s his name on the ballot.

    • OMG Homich just released his website earlier today and it is MESSY!

      From his website:

      “Hello, my name is Alexander Homich, I am from New Castle, Delaware, and I am running for a Statewide Senate committee seat.”

      What is a “Statewide Senate committee seat?” I’ve never heard of such a thing. I think you are running for “state senate.” It is not a committee and it is not a statewide seat. Do you know what you’re running for?

    • Steven Washington

      Not sure you are speaking my name without a true conversation. Sad!

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