Collins Charged with Sign Vandalism [Updated]

Timothy Collins is a declared write in candidate in the 17th RD, running against State Representative Melissa Minor Brown (D). He was caught on camera in the video below stealing and then trashing her sign. A police report has been filed and Mr. Collins has been charged.

Why do people trash signs? This goes to both Democrats and Republicans, because there have been instances of a Lt. Governor’s own husband trashing the signs of the opposition. Are you all that insecure that you cannot stand seeing your opponent’s name on the sign? Do you think that if people see that name, they will immediately run out and vote for the last name they see on a sign. Grow up, Timothy Collins, and any one else who trashes a sign.

[Update on April 19, 2021] – I have spoken with Mr. Collins, and he claims that this complaint will be dismissed because he had permission from the property/business owner to remove these signs because Melissa Minor Brown did not have his permission to place her signs on his property. I told him I would update this piece with that information, but that I would not remove this piece until the pending charges are in fact dismissed. I also invited him to have the business/property owner contact me to confirm this.

Mr. Collins has threatened to sue me for defamation, which of course is an empty threat since it is a fact that he was charged with removing the signs as evidenced by the complaint below and it is a fact that he removed and then trashed the signs, as evidenced by the video below. Under Delaware law, defamation is a false statement, either oral or written, communicated to a third party, which tends to put the subject in a less than favorable light. For a statement to be deemed “defamatory” in Delaware, it must be false. The statements in this article were true as far as I, or the Delaware River & Bay Authority Police, knew at the time. In order to win a defamation lawsuit, Mr. Collins would need to prove that I knew that information was false when I published it. That is going to be difficult since I published it because I had video and a police complaint confirming that he had removed and trashed the signs and was charged by the police for doing so. Therefore, he has no case. If Mr. Collins gets the criminal complaint against him dismissed, then I will either update this article with that fact, or post a new one, or both.


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15 comments on “Collins Charged with Sign Vandalism [Updated]

  1. 17th RD Committee Member

    There’s also rumors that Collins has a history of charges for domestic violence and was on the sex offenders registry for a bit.

    • The sex offender stuff is fact FYI. There’s more info out there but just so you know, here’s a news article:,and%2011%2Dyears%2Dold.

    • Tim Collins

      Maybe if you took time to do your research you would find that if I figure out who you are I’m going to actually file a lawsuit against you because you’re defaming my character over something you have no idea what you’re talkin about! False allegations is a very serious problem in Delaware and we are going to get to the bottom of it you can rest assure it! Trying to trash me isn’t doing any good because I’ve already talked to people about my background and everyone is very well aware of how crooked this judicial system is in Delaware especially if you are poor with no money! Will guess what buddy! The tables are turned and people know what the hell’s going on! That we are going to get to the bottom of it!

    • jJoan Doe


  2. Tim Collins

    So since everybody wants to trash me that’s fine. I was falsely accused of sex offence at the age of 15 years old where then I was actually pardoned by a governor for a manifest Injustice in fact had the judge on the case at my pardon Hearing in support of my pardon and then I was expunged. I fight for that little thing called Injustice you know the thing that Melissa minor-brown claims for black lives matter but never does a dancing about it? As far as the sign is concerned I was given permission by the owner of the restaurant to take it down because I was having a meet and greet at the location and she was asked repeatedly not to put her sign on that property. The first time she put it on the property and the owner took it down the second time I took it down because I was asked to do so so don’t go trying to turn mystery to me being a criminal by no means the real criminals are you! Trying to destroy the lives of people! And suppressing people! It’s going to end this year! People at the 17th District that had enough of this crap! Thanks for doing your part and trying to destroy me that’s fine and dandy that’s what you’re known for

    • Mr. Collins- please do not try and excuse your bad behavior. I am confused by all of your antics and the amount of times that you chose to comment to yourself! If you were going to put down Melissa Brown perhaps you should have come up with some facts or presented some of the good that you have done for the 17th district! For this alone you won’t have my vote or anyone that I know! The reality is you sound like a clown or should I say another one of the good ole boys! Please go back to the rock that you came from under and leave the signs alone while you are at it.

  3. Tim Collins

    Let’s not forget about Melissa minor-brown husband who has gun charges and trafficking cocaine and the list of charges go on! So let’s not try to shy away from how crooked she is and her family! If you all want to play dirty we can play dirty but no I play 10 times dirty and I don’t lose! Good luck in your crooked campaign!! Coward’s!

  4. Tim Collins

    And for those of you pulling up links that’s fine but make sure the voters take the time to check out the fact that it was governor John Carney who actually signed my pardon. Happy Trails Democrats!

    • He also signed a pardon for the nutjob who wanted to kidnap the governor of Michigan, so you’re in excellent company.

      Also, by following the link, I learned that you lied about being homeless when you were on the sex-offender registry. You’re just overflowing with integrity, aren’t you?

  5. He seems totally normal. Totally. Normal.

  6. PikeCreekGrl14

    I mean, ok fine you were pardoned (that doesn’t, by the way, mean you didn’t do the crime–smh.) But the fact that you bring up your opponent’s husband’s record like that means something?

    Mr. Brown isn’t running for office. Representative Brown is and what her husband’s past entails has no bearing on her run for office. Your past is 100% up for scrutiny though.

    Signs don’t vote, none of them. But anyone who is willing to do property damage to another candidate’s sign should take a deep look inside of themselves to make sure their in this race for the right reasons.

    (On a side note, spouses take a beating when their S/O runs for office. It’s hard on every single family member. This in no way excuses then-Senator Hall-Long’s husband’s actions, and she admonished him for doing it. She wasn’t running for LG at the time, she was running for reelection for her Senate seat in 2014 and won in a landslide. I don’t think he committed property damage because he was insecure, but that race got dirty and it was awful–he likely did it out of frustration. Still, it’s inexcusable.)

  7. I’d be far more impressed with Mr. Collins if his comments here didn’t make him seem illiterate.

    • Just imagine what it takes to think that those series of comments were appropriate, or at all going to convince a single person of his viewpoint. This guy is seriously running for office?

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