A Winnable Race

The 9th RD is a competitive district that Democrats have won before. Right now, however, a Republican, Kevin Hensley, represents the lengthy district, have first won in 2014 over Democrat Jason Hortiz in a close race, 52% to 46%. His re-election campaigns were won against Democrat Monique Johns in 2016 and 2018 by larger margins of 60% to 40% in 2016 and of 59% to 41% in 2018. Prior to that, Democrat Rebecca Walker held the district in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

The district is entirely below the canal, with the C&D Canal comprising the northern border, the Delaware River and Bay forming the eastern border of the district, the Smyrna River forming the southern border from its mouth on the Delaware Bay over to the town of Smyrna itself, and the western border follows Routes 13, 1 and 896 up to and around the town of Middletown and then up to the canal. There are 23,217 registered voters in the district, with 10,317 of them being registered Democrats and 6,999 being registered Republicans, with 5,901 identifying as other or unaffiliated.

By all accounts, Mr. Hensely is a nice guy, and has a nice family. He is good at constituent service. He shows up at Homeowner Association meetings. To combat that nice guy image, it is necessary to educate the voter about his voting record. His opponent this year is Debbie Harrington. She is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 25 years of executive leadership in multi-national strategic transportation and logistics planning. Since her retirement from the Army, she has been a senior Administrator where she led major construction projects, and managed multiple ministry and community development initiatives.

Harrington introduces herself in her first mailer seen below, and then educates the voter as to Kevin Hensley’s record in the second mailer. If the voters understand the Mr. Nice Guy is a Republican that votes against their interests time and again, this is a winnable race.

Debbie has raised $33,502.62 this election year, since January. She has $32,600.96 cash on hand for the last 30 days of the campaign. Hensley raised $23,075 since January 2020, but he also had $37,522.83 left over from previous campaigns and has $48,490.18 cash on hand for the last 30 days. To help out Debbie and her fellow Democrat in the neighboring 8th RD, consider donating to her campaign or coming to a socially distanced fundraiser next weekend

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6 comments on “A Winnable Race

  1. SussexWatcher

    Does that second mailer really have an Adobe Stock watermark on the stamp photo? Meaning they stole the image rather than paying for it?

  2. Pike Creek Dem

    This is exactly the story in the 21st RD! Everyone loves Mike Ramone because of his presence at community meetings / events. But a look at his voting record (including when he chooses not to vote), reveals he’s no friend of the district, especially working people.

    • Delaware Dem

      Except that Mike Ramone is actually not a nice guy. You only need to talk to him for a minute to figure that out. And if you speak out against him, he tries to get you fired.

      • Pike Creek Dem

        I should have been more clear. He IS NOT a nice guy. You are 100% accurate.

  3. This campaign has seemed to really pick up steam recently

  4. Kevin is a truly working politician. He always responds to emails and makes you feel he really cares.

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