Witzke Supporter Indicted in Gun Incident

The News Journal reports that a Donald Trump and Lauren Witzke supporter, 60 year old Michael Hastings (that name is really familiar) was indicted for his actions in an incident last month when he pulled a gun on anti-Witzke protestors and threatened them with it. He has been indicted on two felony charges, reckless endangering and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

It’s about time. This incident was reported to the State police on the scene when it happened, and the police officers seemed dismissive, only saying that they were aware and had the situation under control.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings weighed in Tuesday, saying “the right to free expression should be free of danger.” “This is not responsible gun ownership,” she said. “A firearm is a deadly weapon, period, and there is never a good reason to point it toward anyone except in self-defense. Mr. Hastings’ actions endangered others and we will prosecute him fully.”

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4 comments on “Witzke Supporter Indicted in Gun Incident

  1. If the people who took the kids MAGA hat gets charged with a hate crime so should this jackass

  2. Let’s see if the charges and the bail equal what the two young women who snatched a maga hat found themselves facing.

  3. Joe Connor

    I was directly in this dude’s crosshairs and that’s not even the worst part of this fiasco!
    This is about more than a red neck bar band bass player being a dangerous idiot. This is largely about DSTA and FOP deciding who is protected by the law and who is not. Remember there were at least 3 Proud Boys there by Witzke’s proud admission. This time it was largely black women and my 69 year old ass that they gave zero F***ks about! Next time it may be you! Thank goodness AG Jennings stepped up!

  4. Cynnic Acid

    Any relation to Alan “Hunter Hastings”, ex-Rethug turned Dem, running in SCC Dist. 1?

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