UD Poll: Democratic Landslide in Delaware

The University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication released a poll today that finds that all statewide Democrats, including our very own Presidential candidate Joe Biden, are cruising towards landslide victories over their insane Qanon Trump Republican opposition. Here are the results:

PRESIDENT–Biden 54–Trump 33

GOVERNOR–Carney 55–Murray 26

SENATOR–Coons 57–Witzke 27

CONGRESS–Blunt Rochester 51–Murphy 29

“The poll results confirm that Biden is the heavy favorite to win his home state’s electoral votes,” Dr. Paul Brewer, a UD professor and the research director of the center, said in a statement. “Biden’s margin in Delaware is also consistent with a 7 to 8 point national lead for him.”

“The big overall leads for Carney, Coons, and Blunt Rochester reinforce the First State’s status as a solidly blue state,” Dr. Brewer said. “Democrats have dominated recent statewide elections in Delaware. So far, none of this year’s Republican candidates shows signs of breaking that pattern.”

Here are the some cross tab and demographic breakdown of the poll results:

Biden leads Trump by more than a two-to-one margin among women (60% to 26%) and New Castle County voters (63% to 26%). The presidential race is much closer among men (46% to 43%), Kent County voters (41% to 44%) and Sussex County voters (40% to 44%).

Carney has a 40-point lead among women (61% to 21%) and a 15-point lead among men (49% to 34%). He holds a three to one margin over Murray in New Castle County (63% to 20%), though the race is closer in Kent County (42% to 34%) and Sussex County (43% to 38%).

Coons and Blunt Rochester lead by wide margins among women (63% to 20% for Coons, 57% to 23% for Blunt Rochester) and narrower margins among men (50% to 36% for Coons, 44% to 36% for Blunt Rochester). Both Democrats dominate in New Castle County (67% to 19% for Coons, 58% to 23% for Blunt Rochester). The U.S. Senate race is more competitive in Kent County (Coons 40%, Witzke 30%) and Sussex County (Coons 43%, Witzke 45%). Blunt Rochester holds a smaller lead over Murphy in Kent County (42% to 33%) and is essentially tied with him in Sussex County (41% each).

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