What Now?! – 9/29/2020

David Frum: “First, it melts Trump’s support a little more. Trump’s hopes for 2020 depended on fantastic overperformance with white voters without college degrees. He’s lost so much support elsewhere that he must hold every last member of his core group. He doesn’t need to decline much among these voters to convert any faint hope of success into certainty of disaster.”

“Second, and perhaps more important, the ink-on-paper confirmation of Trump’s indebtedness, tax dodging, and all-around crookedness will get into Trump’s head. His political project through the pandemic has been to mess with his opponents by hurling one crazy distraction after another. Now, suddenly, it’s his own decision loop that has been disrupted. On the preexisting trajectory of the 2020 campaign, Trump was going to lose—and probably lose big. He needed something to happen either to help him or, more plausibly, to push the Biden camp into some mistake or misstep. Now the banana peels have been dumped beneath his own feet.”

White House Press Secretay Kayleigh McEnany defended President Trump on Fox & Friends against a New York Times story that he paid no taxes for much of the last two decades: “We’ve seen this play out before, where there was a hit piece about the president’s taxes just before a debate.”

President Trump on Monday claimed he had paid “many millions of dollars in taxes” and has “very little debt” after a bombshell report in The New York Times revealed he had paid effectively no income taxes over several years, and is facing more than $300 million in looming loan repayments, the CNBC reports.

But Trump, in his tweet making that claim, did not offer proof and conspicuously did not say he had paid millions of dollars in “income taxes.”

“A tense situation unfolded at a home owned by Brad Parscale, the former campaign manager for President Trump’s reelection campaign, after his wife called police to say that Parscale had guns and was threatening to harm himself, Fort Lauderdale police said Sunday night,” the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

“The police, called by his wife, went to the house in the Seven Isles community, an affluent area in which the houses have access to the water. They made contact, ‘developed a rapport’ and negotiated his exit from the house.”

Miami Herald: “Brad Parscale was involuntarily hospitalized under Florida’s Baker Act by officers and taken to Broward Health Medical Center Sunday after barricading himself in the $2.4 million home he shares in Fort Lauderdale’s Seven Isles with his wife, Candice. In reports released Monday, police documented a tense scene in which Parscale — after possibly firing a shot inside his house — refused to leave and was ultimately tackled by SWAT officers outside the home when he emerged shirtless with a beer in his hand.”

“Officers also wrote in their reports that Parscale’s wife told them he had post-traumatic stress disorder and had become violent in recent weeks. She showed them bruises on her arms from an argument two days prior, they said. Police say they took photos of injuries.”

The number of reported coronavirus cases shot up by at least 10 percent in 21 U.S. states over the past week—and experts are now forecasting that a “huge surge” is expected to take off in the next month, CNN reports.

The Atlantic: “In New York, the decisive moment came in March. In Arizona and other Sun Belt states, it struck as the spring turned to summer. In every state that has so far seen a large spike of COVID-19 cases, there has been a moment when the early signs of an uptick are detectable—but a monstrous outbreak is not yet assured. Can a state realize what’s happening, and stop a surge in time? Wisconsin is about to find out.”

CDC Director Robert Redfield has grown increasingly concerned that President Trump, pushed by a new member of his coronavirus task force, Dr. Scott Atlas, is sharing incorrect information about the pandemic with the public, NBC News reports.

Said Redfield: “Everything he says is false.”

Washington Post: “The agency’s response to the worst public health crisis in a century — the coronavirus pandemic — has been marked by technical blunders and botched messaging. The agency has endured false accusations and interference by Trump administration political appointees. Worst of all, the CDC has experienced a loss of institutional credibility at a time when the nation desperately needs to know whom to trust.”

“This harsh assessment does not come from political or ideological enemies of the CDC. It comes from the agency’s friends and supporters — and even from some of the professionals within the agency’s Atlanta headquarters.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC News “that is very concerning” that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said he would lift restrictions on businesses statewide, despite the state still battling a 10% test-positivity rate.

Said Fauci: “That is something we really need to be careful about because when you’re dealing with community spread and you have the kind of congregate setting where people get together, particularly without masks, you’re really asking for trouble.”

Vox: “A single adult with no children would have had to earn $17,900 or more in 2017 to pay $750 or more in federal income taxes that year.”

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the White House will have to agree to ‘much more’ spending for a fresh round of stimulus if there is any hope of striking a deal before the election,” Bloomberg reports.

“Pelosi said she talked with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Sunday and plans to discuss the stimulus with him again on Monday. She held out hopes that they still can find a way to bridge the roughly $1 trillion gap between them on a plan to bolster the economy.”

A federal judge in Philadelphia granted a request on Monday to block changes to the U.S. Postal Service that have slowed mail deliveries, citing the potential for “irreparable harm” as large numbers of voters prepare to cast ballots by mail, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“Trump’s titanic financial losses confirm that while he campaigned as a so-called brilliant financial wizard, Trump is a cheat, a fraud and perhaps the worst businessman in the world.”

— Rep. Bill Pascrel (D-NJ), quoted by the Washington Post, on President Trump’s tax returns leaked to the New York Times.

Timothy O’Brien: “In a tour de force of hard won reporting, the New York Times has put numerical clothing on what we’ve known about President Trump for decades — that, at best, he’s a haphazard businessman, human billboard and serial bankruptcy artist who gorges on debt he may have a hard time repaying…”

“Step away from the tragicomic tawdriness and grift that the tax returns define, however, and focus on what they reveal about Trump as the most powerful man in the world and occupant of the Oval Office.”

“Due to his indebtedness, his reliance on income from overseas and his refusal to authentically distance himself from his hodgepodge of business, Trump represents a profound national security threat – a threat that will only escalate if he’s re-elected. The tax returns also show the extent to which Trump has repeatedly betrayed the interests of many of the average Americans who elected him and remain his most loyal supporters.”

Michael Cohen told MSNBC that President Trump could be “very realistically facing a potential bankruptcy” but “the more likely scenario that I see is that he’ll find some corrupt foreign entity to help him out of the situation.”

Three former administration officials told 60 Minutes that President Trump “pressured” government officials to direct $2 billion in contracts to Fisher Sand and Gravel to build sections of the border wall on private land that engineers say will likely fail.

“A third federal judge on Sunday ordered the U.S. Postal Service to halt changes that have delayed mail delivery nationwide, handing the latest judicial rebuke to unilateral service cuts that critics allege would suppress mail-in voting in November’s elections,” the Washington Post reports.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski writes in his new book that he and White House chief of staff John Kelly nearly came to blows outside the Oval Office in February 2018, the Daily Mail reports.

“Lewandowski claims that ‘gate-keeper’ Kelly was annoyed by his close relationship with President Trump and restricted his access to the White House… The tension exploded and Kelly came running and grabbed Lewandowski and pushed him up against the Oval Office’s outside wall.”

New York Times: “Violent crime is expected to be addressed during the first presidential debate Tuesday, and President Trump has long attacked ‘Democrat cities’ for not doing enough to stop it … A deeper dive into publicly available 2020 crime data paints a more complicated picture than the party-driven explanation President Trump and the Department of Justice have offered. More cities are run by Democratic mayors than by Republican ones, but murder is rising pretty much everywhere, regardless of a mayor’s political party.”

“What is clear is that murder is rising across a wide swath of America — irrespective of ruling political party and of designations of ‘anarchist’ havens — while other types of crime are generally flat or falling.”

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  1. So Trump followed tax laws established in Washington by guys like Biden over the last 50 years and this reflects poorly on Trump?

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