Ramone Tries to Steal Barry’s Open Space Platform

State Representative Mike Ramone (R-21 RD) has told his constituents over the years at civic association meetings that development on the Three Little Bakers Golf Course “is a county issue, there’s nothing I can do about it.” Indeed, his non- interest in protecting against over development in the 21st Representative District was one of the reasons his opponent this year and in 2018, Democrat Stephanie Barry, ran against him. “Preserving open space” has been a cornerstone of Barry’s platform since 2018.

Indeed, the Barry campaign recently sent out a mailer showing her standing at the lectern at the planning board meeting that addressed the development of the Three Little Bakers Golf Course. It was Stephanie Barry that organized everybody in Pike Creek to show up at that meeting. Ramone attended but stood in the back and never said a word. Here is a portion of the mailer showing what I am talking about:

But now Mike Ramone is in trouble. He is facing a strong candidate and he fears being swept away in the anti-Trump and anti-Republican landslide. So he has decided that he is just going to steal the issue now, and pretend that he is some Open Space Champion. It’s just another lie.

And the coup de grace on this is that Ramone has also illegally posted a campaign sign on the Three Little Bakers property.

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5 comments on “Ramone Tries to Steal Barry’s Open Space Platform

  1. Pike Creek Dem

    Ramone is all smoke and mirrors. His base is a group of voters who think he’s a “nice guy”. They think he’s doing his job because he attends civic association meetings and fills potholes. If they only knew how he voted (or chose not to vote) on the real issues, maybe they’d feel differently. And now he’s stealing his opponent’s position on open space. The acts of a desperate candidate…..

  2. If only he would steal Stephanie Barry’s plan to eliminate the fooling “training” wage.

  3. FYI Ramone did not vote for and does not support an adult adoptees right to access their medical records.

  4. John Berryhill

    I would not assume that Ramone’s sign placement on the property owned by the developers is “illegal”. Since it is private property, we can more likely assume that the developers support him.

    Someone should ask, to be sure, whether:

    1. Mike Ramone is stupid, and placed his sign on private property without permission, or

    2. Mike Ramone is indeed supported by the owners of the property in question.

    I could flip a coin, but my guess is that the sign is there with the permission of the developers, and is intended to show their support for him.

  5. Pike Creek Dem

    If it’s true that he has the support of the developer, he wouldn’t have an anti-development video. Typical Mike Ramone. Trying to have it both ways.

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