Marie Pinkney has won the 13th SD!

I am going to jump the gun on this one, because while officially there are still 2 precincts left to report, I have been informed from a source in the position to know that Marie Pinkney has defeated incumbent State Senator and Senate President Pro Tem Dave McBride (D). Right now officially she leads by 155 votes, or by 51.42% to 48.58%. This is a massive victory. Nicole Poore should fear her next primary challenge. I will update this post once the official results are in. Here are the full results:

Congratulations to State Senator Marie Pinkney (D)!

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5 comments on “Marie Pinkney has won the 13th SD!

  1. I am speechless with Marie’s achievement! 7 to 1 money advantage! The rock that Marie pushed up an over the hill was massive! She owes NOBODY! Marie Pinkney is an amazing leader and she did it with confidence tempered with empathy and kindness.

  2. john berryhill

    Over the moon!

  3. Marie’s win here is probably the biggest earthquake DE political world is coming to grips with today. This was a really impressive campaign on her part.

  4. Assuming the Democrats will win the safe Democratic seats, the next General Assembly will be the first in decades — perhaps the first ever, I’ll let somebody else look it up — to include more African-Americans than ex-State Police-Americans.

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