A Really Shady Robocall against Ciro Poppiti

I just received this really shady anti-Ciro Poppiti voice mail from a group called “the Committee for Integrity in Government.”   

This Committee has not filed any report yet, so they have five days to do so. It feels to me like something someone aligned with current New Castle County Council President Karen Hartley Nagle would do. I have my suspect, but I have no evidence yet to accuse anyone.

And to be clear, I have never seen or heard of the allegations against Poppiti in this call. As far as I know, they are completely made up.

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21 comments on “A Really Shady Robocall against Ciro Poppiti

  1. Is it just recency bias, or does it seem like there is a lot more negative campaigning during the state primary compared to the last few election years?

    • Delaware Dem

      I think you are right. It’s the MAGA Jones crew and their shenanigans, Earl Jaques and his sign war actions and his negative mailers. And now this.

    • Catherine C

      More Negativity for local elections, Grant you can contact me if you want

  2. Joe Connor

    I hate to burst any bubbles but the ROBO went out today for a reason……. 8 Day reports in. NO report until its too late:) KHN is very effective at evil and sneaky, just sayn’!

  3. HyperbolicDem

    Vince D’Anna at his sleaziest. No surprise that KHN would do this. Just like she would take her own signs and cry theft.

  4. Mitch Crane

    I have known both Poppiti and Hartley-Nagle for years. I worked with her at the DOI when Karen Weldon Stewart brought her in as a hourly worker. We got along well and worked on some projects together. When I ran for Insurance Commissioner, she helped me. Karen and I have remained in touch in the 8 years since.

    I have known Ciro since I got involved in Delaware Politics. He was, and is, always polite and gracious. When I ran for IC in 2012, he also supported me. A few years ago when Rent Justification was enacted, I was the Chair of the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority. We had a list of attorneys qualified and willing to sit as arbitrators in rent disputes. Ciro was appointed to arbitrate the first major case. I sat through that two=day hearing to observe. Ciro handled a controversial and sometimes emotional hearing with humor, respect for all and wrote a strong and detailed opinion. It was upheld when appealed.

    I believe I know Ciro Poppiti well enough to state that there is not an unethical bone in his body. He is, as are other members of his family, an intelligent and dedicated professional. He takes his Oath of Office seriously, as he takes the Oath he raised his right hand for when he became a member of the Bar.

    I hope the Democratic voters of New Castle County decide who among the three candidates is best qualified; has views on what a council president should do and which candidate can best do that job. I lost that 2012 Primary largely because of the type of unsubstantiated and untraceable slanders Mr. Poppiti is now the victim of.

  5. Jeff Sytsma-Sherman

    This is not a surprise during the nasty elections going on in this city this year. I have never seen so much nasty inner fighting between Dems. Looks like some of the Candidates have decided to follow the way of the man in the White House. Nasty lies, & rumors. 😞

  6. Jack Polidori

    I challenge Karen Hartley-Nagle to disavow this robo call and step forward In support of the excellent reputation that the Poppiti family has established over the decades. Simple as that. Demonstrate some integrity.

    • Will in DE

      I’d like to see her disavow it, though I won’t hold my breath, as it seems directly out of her playbook as described in the TNJ article:

      “Hartley-Nagle has questioned whether there is a conflict of interest between Poppiti’s family firm, led his father and wife Laura, which practices in estate planning and wills and estates, and his role as register of wills.

      Poppiti said when he took office, his team put into place a process by which he recused himself from handling paperwork submitted by his family, and the only person to make an issue of it in more than nine years is Hartley-Nagle. David Ferry, the former president of the Delaware Bar Association, has backed Poppiti’s ethics.”

  7. Loretta C Primus

    I do not know any of these people in New Castle County, but I do know Ciro as one of the most authentic, moral and caring people with genuine values. To those instigating these smear tactics: Enough is enough! Are you feeling so incompetent that the best you can do is waste time tearing down others? Where is your integrity?

  8. Joseph Dell'0lio

    When I heard it today, it immediately turned me off. It was a cowardly “hit piece” and guaranteed my support for Ciro Poppiti.
    Joe Dell’Olio

  9. Billy Papili

    I’ve known that family all my life! Good people! Bunch Of ball-less cowards!

  10. Terri Tavani

    Anyone that knows the Poppiti’s knows there is no one with more of integrity. kindness and intelligence than Ciro Poppiti.
    The entire Poppiti family has a long history in Delaware. Their reputation is impeccable and anyone who tries to smear it is laughable.

  11. Mitch Crane

    I have known both Karen Hartley-Nagle and Ciro Poppiti for over a decade. I worked with Karen during our joint time at the Department of Insurance. I have worked with Ciro on political matters and when he was an arbitrator for a complex precedent-setting case after enactment of Rent Justification and I was chair of the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority. I also had the pleasure of working with his uncle, Judge Poppiti in a number of hearings at the DOI. There is nothing about Ciro, or any member of his family, that would lead any objective person to question their ethics or dedication. I have always had a good relationship with Karen and was happy for her when she was elected NCC Council President 4 years ago.

    However, having been in politics most of my life, I see the damage caused by unsubstantiated personal attacks. If you defend yourself against them, you take the chance of spreading them further. Plus, there are many naive people who believe that something said or written “must be true, or they wouldn’t be allowed to say them” and “Why would they say that if it weren’t true?”. Even if the victim ends up winning, the damage done remains and the family of the victim suffers more long term.

    That all said, I have stayed out of this race (I don’t live in New Castle County) and I count both Karen and Ciro as friends, That said, unless Karen comes out and says that she disavows the attacks on Ciro and that she does not question his integrity, I hope that every NCC Democrat who has not already voted and was leaning towards Karen Hartley-Nagle,casts a vote for Ciro Poppiti. Karen?

    • Karen Hartley-Nagle would lose an intelligence contest with a plant. She knows jack-shit about government, or anything else really.

      By her own admission to me, she got involved in politics because she lost custody of her kids to her ex, who was some king of big wheel in Kent County. So, in her feeble tangle of ganglia that passes for a brain, she could become powerful if she got involved in politics. She has no agenda because she got involved for no reason other than self-aggrandizement.

      I interviewed her many, many times. She is the dumbest person I have ever met in politics. That she’s unethical besides is not the least bit surprising.

  12. Cheryl Mcdonaugh

    The Committee for Integrity in Government was established on 09/04/2020 but Vince D’Anna. This can be viewed on Delaware Campaign Finance Committee look-up.

  13. The very same Vince D’Anna that is still wearing the same Sport jacket since Biden’s Senate office was on King St. That dude is to good government as Trump is to the truth:)!

  14. Michelle Mccreay

    It’s sad that the incumbent can’t run on her merits and has to try to destroy an opponent by sleazy robocalls. She’s just jealous she doesn’t have 1/1000th of the integrity, competence & intelligence as Ciro Poppiti and I truly hope no one falls for this horrific behavior.

  15. Dammon Coleman

    The Committee of Integrity has at least one reason that im very much aware of,to do what they have done! Ciro Poppoti has damaged the reputation of the Registry of Wills, and should never hold another public office position ever! Mr. Poppoti has blocked Dammon Coleman from seeing his (father)Monuel Coleman) & his (stepmother) Thelma Coleman both deceased, there wills! No Delaware lawyer would take Mr. Coleman as a client, for fear of Ciro Poppoti and power he has in law! For more truth, contact Dammon Coleman by email.

    • Dammon D. Coleman

      And it was a trust willl and also blocking mr. Coleman out of a safety deposit box at m&t Bank

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