The Primary Campaign Comes to the Mailbox

The Delaware Primary is on Tuesday September 15. Three weeks from today. The primary method of campaigning in Delaware during a pandemic that limits door knocking and group events has to be campaign mailers. So expect lots of them and soon, if you have not received them already.

I have received them already. Click on the images to fully expand them:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jess Scarane:

Democratic State Senate Candidate for the 5th SD Eric Levin

Democratic New Castle County Council President candidate Ciro Poppiti:

Democratic Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro:

Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester:

Democratic U.S. Senator Chris Coons is the run away Mailer Champion. I get a mailer a day from him:

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1 comment on “The Primary Campaign Comes to the Mailbox

  1. Joe Connor

    The cycle leader and most striking is the ” Do the right thing” PAC Trump….. oops Mikey 23% piece 🙂
    It’s a great piece but it is undercut by its origins. Reporting over 5k in contributions ALL under $100 strains credulity for a PAC formed in July 2020. It just doesn’t meet the smell test.
    Having said that if they wanna do another one and I was solicited I would happily send a reportable check:)

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