Biden leads Trump by 21 points in Delaware

I know, I am shocked some paid to poll Delaware too. Public Policy Polling polled the state last week, on August 21 and 22, and it surveyed 710 Delaware registered voters. Unfortunately, the poll did not ask about other statewide races other than the Presidential race. Here are the findings:

  • Biden 58%, Trump 37%
  • Biden’s Favorability is 55%, and unfavorability is 39%
  • Trump’s Approval rating is 36%, and his disapproval is 59%
  • 56% of Delaware voters are proud Biden is from Delaware, while 28% are ashamed.
  • The voters sampled say that 50% of them voted for Hillary in 2016, while 36% voted for Trump and another 14% voted third party or did not vote. Hillary won the state 53% to 42% in 2016.

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3 comments on “Biden leads Trump by 21 points in Delaware

  1. Trump 2020 Supporter From Delaware

    Highly doubt this is accurate. You only see a picture of New Castle County. Come down to Kent and Sussex and start polling. You’ll see a total 180 in results. Nice try though…

    • I’m pretty sure that’s a completely unrelated (yet probably not entirely inaccurate) image.

    • Delaware Dem

      First off, the polling outfit polled the entire state. Sussex County voters were included. Second, the last time you guys tried to “unskew” the polls based on your fantasy Fox News world, you got surprised when you lost in 2012. Third, the picture is of the 2016 results by election district. The picture has no connection to the poll. I just chose it because I needed a picture to go along with the post.

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