Carper v. the Mute Button

In the middle of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony before (a video-chat version of) Congress on Friday morning, Delaware senator Tom Carper couldn’t seem to click on the mute and start video button on his Zoom application. Which is fine. I have done that myself. Everyone has. But when you are on a Zoom call that is being broadcast live to the nation, perhaps it is best not to melt down screaming three expletives at a poor staffer.

There has always been a Klobuchar vibe to Carper. I wonder how he treats his poor staff when not being recorded on a Zoom call when similarly frustrated.

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2 comments on “Carper v. the Mute Button

  1. cassandram

    I dunno. Sure — it would be way better to handle that kind of thing more calmly, but who among us has not yelled at a computer that isn’t doing what we want (or even a tech — especially on the phone)?

  2. Don’t like him, because of the way I’ve seen him around people, but this was actually just funy

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