Delaware United’s upcoming 7th SD Debate and Endorsements

Delaware United announced last week that they will be virtually hosting the first 7th Senate District Debate between Senator Anthony Delcollo and his Democratic challenger Spiros Mantzavinos.

The debate will be streamed live on DU’s Facebook page, and there are also some Zoom spots available (though they might be gone by now). If you want to try to see if there are any Zoom spots left, click here to RSVP. You can also submit a question at this link.

Delaware United also announced its first round of endorsements in the races for the September 15 primary election.

“These individuals were selected due to their commitment to and alignment with the Delaware United Platform. Each of them has signed a pledge swearing to uphold the highest degree of ethics, morals, and progressive values from now until the day they step out of office. In that pledge, they agreed to always vote in favor of the people, to remain accountable to their constituents, not to large corporations, and to support the transformative change that Delaware needs right now.”

Larry Lambert for 7th District State Representative 2020
Marie Pinkney
Sarah McBride
Madinah Wilson-Anton
Eric Morrison for State Representative
Sherae’a Moore for State Representative
Kyle Evans Gay
Rep. John Kowalko
Rep. Paul Baumbach
Kyra Hoffner
Sean Lynn for Delaware
David Bentz for State Representative

Delaware United has created a donation link where you can split a donation among any of the endorsed candidates listed above that you choose. You can also donate to DU directly to support their efforts in this election season.

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