VEEP Announcement Watch Hotel DuPont Edition

NYT reporting that there is a good deal of energy in prepping the Hotel DuPont ballroom for something:

“Just before midnight on Monday, workers darted in and out a side door of the grand old Hotel du Pont, pausing for brief cigarette breaks or a chat, then getting back to setting up for an unspecified event. The effort had been underway for hours, at least.”

What do you think? Anybody watching the preparation here?

7 comments on “VEEP Announcement Watch Hotel DuPont Edition

  1. cassandram

    There were choppers over downtown, I think, a few minutes ago. Gone now (I can hear them from my house).

  2. cassandram


    • I’m so freakin’ happy!

      • cassandram

        ME TOO! I was actually crying when I heard. Told someone else earlier I really expected a safe choice for Biden. Did not expect a fearless one.

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