Sign and Literature Wars – 2020 Edition

Apparently State Representative Earl Jaques (D) is hanging campaign tote bags with his literature inside on mail boxes, as shown below in a Facebook post by Heather Love, who points out that this kind of behavior likely violates Federal law. [Update: A tipster states that while it is illegal to put something in the mailbox, it is not illegal to hang something from it.]

And there is the Sign Wars, which happens in all races but is no less annoying. Apparently at the corner of Rt. 896 and Rt. 40 in Glasgow, where Jaques’s primary opponent and some other candidates had placed signs, and then Jaques placed a large sign in front of theirs.

There is nothing illegal about that, it just goes against campaign etiquette even if it does happen often in many races. All the candidates can do is just move their signs from behind the offending sign, which is what the Morrison campaign did.

And here is a viral post I was sent. Hillarious:

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6 comments on “Sign and Literature Wars – 2020 Edition

  1. “Lawn signs are king” ~Ciro Poppiti

  2. SussexWatcher

    Actually, the Facebook poster is right and your follow-up tipster is wrong. Postal regulations state that nothing can be hung from mailboxes:

    • Given that the USPS is being gutted at the moment, I doubt anybody’s going to follow up on it.

  3. cassandram

    I’m ready for all political signs except for lawn signs (or signs on paid billboards) to go away. We already know no one polices the illegal and tree-damaging ones that Walker puts up. The crazy crowded open spaces that you can’t see who is even there any more and the ones that violate DelDOT rules and put on fences and poles. It’s basically a free for all.

    • Delaware is an exception to the general rule. Because it has no dedicated television market, candidates cannot get their names out there with TV ads, so mailers play a bigger role here than just about anywhere else.

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