McBride Doesn’t Flush in New Castle

First, read El Som’s piece in Delaware Liberal on Senate President Pro Tempore and Senator for the 13th Senate District Dave McBride’s residency. TLDR: Apparently, Mr. McBride’s water sewer records for his New Castle residence from 2008 until 2017, and then again from 2018 to the present, indicate that the property was not actually lived in during those time periods because the property was billed the bare minimum charged, indicating no water use.

What wasn’t included in the DL piece was the letter sent to State Election Commissioner Anthony Albence and Director Tracey Dixon last by email and hand delivery by Darlene Battle, who resides in the 13th District. That letter is below:


One of the worst kept secrets in Delaware politics is that McBride has lived in Lewes, Delaware, far outside his elected district, for the last 12 years. It is time for that not to be a secret anymore, and it is time for the 13th Senate District to have someone who lives in the district full time to represent them.

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6 comments on “McBride Doesn’t Flush in New Castle

  1. delawareway

    Could you please include the date of Darlene’s email? Last week?

  2. Joe Connor

    I have a bit of Karma to share. in 1978 I was at the Sheet Metal workers Hall on a Friday the day before the primary supporting McBride’s opponent the Labor Endorsed incumbent . Guys came running in clutching a lit piece done on mimeograph , yes mimeograph:). It was a hit piece accusing the legislator of corruption and wait for it………….Not Living in the District! The guy did in fact live there. Sometimes it takes 42 years for the worm to turn!

  3. Dunno about sewer, and I’m in Wilmington limits for water, but every month I pay the lowest amount possible for water and have almost every month of my residence. I think I’ve broken the minimum five times in almost four years(I think). I’m conservative with my water use intentionally because I’m cheap. But even with a water softener, I am still charged the minimum amount for the city.

    All about pinkney 2020, but I’m confused by this water thing. Could someone explain it a little in light of the above?

  4. Joe Connor

    Well this story has been out there for a few days and was featured on the front page of the Delaware State News. We have a pathetic attempt to “explain” by a party official and McBride’s own laughable responses to Matt Bittle. What we also have is crickets from every state wide endorsed Democrat who are on the ballot with McBride. If they at least had the courage of Susan Collins we would have one or two expressions of “concern”. Maybe one of these great public servants will break their silence. I won’t hold my breath. I take solace in the fact that Marie Pinkney is in and of her community. She looks like and is similarly situated as her neighbors who are dealing with a pandemic, systemic racism racism and a cratered economy. While Mcbride has admittedly spent less than half his time in “his” district in the past 12 years Marie is earning the trust of the voters. This sad chapter of the “Delaware Way” can be closed once and for all on September 15! Its clear that McBride believes he “owns” his seat and can do as he pleases. Over the past 12 plus years he has been right. Help Marie prove him wrong and help him enjoy his Million Dollar home in Lewes permanently please send her a few buck! Thank You!

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