The Potter Family must be stopped

It’s all a game to them. They are so power mad and corrupt. They are not seeking any specific office to do good. They are just seeking any office to do whatever suits them at the time.

First, Delaware election law allows candidates who have already filed to withdraw their candidacy and/or file for a different office up until today at 4:30 pm. The corrupt Potter family took full advantage of that today.

Current City Treasurer Velda Jones Potter withdrew from her race for reelection and is now running for Mayor. She is now primarying Mayor Mike Purzycki along with Justen Wright.

Former State Representative Charles Potter has withdrawn his candidacy for his old job and is now running for the City Council At Large spot.

I have heard that Potter family consigliere Samuel L. Guy will apparently withdraw from his quixotic race for the Wilmington City Council At Large and run for City Treasurer against the recently filed newcomer Dawayne Sims. But that filing hasn’t happened yet. Stay tuned.

Update: Vashun Turner has withdrawn from his run for the 5th City Council seat and is now running for Treasurer.

In other musical chair news, City Councilman Ernest Trippi Congo II has pulled a double switch. He withdrew from his race for reelection for the 2nd District where he was facing four primary challengers and filed to run for the At Large seat, and then withdrew that candidacy and has now filed to run for City Council President.

Finally, New Castle County Clerk of the Peace Ken Boulden caused a stir when he at the last minute withdrew from his run for reelection to run for the State Representative in the 8th RD. Well now, he has withdrawn from that race and it is not clear if he is filing for anything else.

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  1. But not the Oliver’s🤔

  2. Mitch Crane

    I thought it nuts to be able to switch from running for one office to another AFTER the noon Tuesday filing deadline. It makes a mockery of the process. As was obviously done, you can file for one office and then see who filed for what after noon Tuesday and move your candidacy to a “better” office. Sadly, Code permits that. That needs to be changed:

    § 3101 Nomination, withdrawal and primary election dates.

    The following schedule shall apply for all candidates:

    (1) Notification of candidacy shall be on or before 12:00 noon of the second Tuesday in July.

    (2) Such notification of candidacy may be withdrawn on or before 4:30 p.m. on the first Friday after the second Tuesday in July. In the event the first Friday after the second Tuesday in July is a legal holiday, then the final day to withdraw shall be the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday.

    (3) Primary elections for all political parties shall be conducted on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in September.

    (4) After the deadline for notification of candidacy set forth in paragraph (1) of this section and before the deadline for withdrawal set forth in paragraph (2) of this section, a candidate may change that candidate’s own candidacy and become a candidate for a different office in the coming election. Such change of candidacy shall be deemed to be irrevocable withdrawal from candidacy for the first announced office.

    • Well, hell has frozen over. I agree with Mitch. The election laws must be changed, not because of any one of these shenanigans but because of all of them.

    • A Wilmingtonian

      If we’re changing Election Law, we need to tighten up the residency requirements for people who hold office. Seems like everyone knows that Trippi Congo and Vash Turner don’t live in the city and yet here they are trying to govern it.

      • Very good point only fair

      • Michele Greene

        The Potters are true public servants who are knowledgeable, experienced, and honest. The Dem Party machine has marked them for extinction because they do what is right for the people, not the Party. Stand up and vote for them.

        • A Wilmingtonian

          • They are so crooked they have to screw their pants on.

            • Michele Greene

              Spoken like a true Marxist. You should be sued for slander and defamation of character.

              • Good luck. They’re public figures. And discovery would be a great boon to society, as I would be able to flush out every turn of the screw.

                Why don’t you take your sycophancy back to their headquarters. Bill them for your services and see if you get paid.

                • Michele Greene

                  Why don’t you take your sicko self and crawl back into the deluded, base, disgusting place wherein you dwell. Discovery will probably disclose who is pushing your buttons. Public figures can prove defamation, you know it all.

                  • Nobody pushes my buttons, dumbass. I spent 35 years in the media covering these buffoons and people like them. I know more about libel law than your ignorant, uneducated ass ever will. Fuck off.

        • Too much drama with lawsuits the mayor, that city police security fiasco with the son, legislative shenanigans with the courts on the court judgements against them on their house. No thanks.

          • Michele Greene

            And what do you believe is the cause of the “drama”? Is it possible that there is a party machine that does not appreciate members who do not toe the party line? Who are concerned about the welfare of the citizens rather than the party? Whose vision is different and better than the current power brokers? Are there not two sides of every story?

  3. Jeffrey Sytsma-Sherman

    I must agree with Mitch Crane’s comment and proposal. This switching from one job to another just to effectively meet a candidates chances for election is ludicrous. I have heard some of these candidates speak in local zoom forums. They shared how dedicated they were in running for the position they were applying. This is a total mockery of the system.

    • A Wilmingtonian

      A Shell Game. Which is indicative of the games they’ve played when they were in office and what they’d do if elected.

  4. Take Back Wilmington

    Supporting Purzycki is supporting White Supremacy and capitalism. He caters to BPG and only prioritizes the rich in the highlands, gentrified market street and the riverfront. If Velda is the only other option I will support her.

    • A Wilmingtonian

      Supporting Velda is asking for part 2 of the Dennis Williams administration — cronyism, incompetence, and grift. Concentrated this time because her crooked husband will be on the 9th floor and directing the looting.

    • Wanna know why the Black population of Wilmington can’t get ahead? This attitude right here. They’d rather elect a grifter.

      • Stand United

        Alby, as someone who knows what is best for “ the Blacks” who can’t “get ahead”, who should I vote for? Not liking Velda is ok, but your comment reeks of racist and privileged undertones. I hope the mods take appropriate action against such a comment and I’m shocked you felt comfortable typing that.

        • No, the racism and privilege is right out there. Deal with it.

          The fact remains that the Potters rip off the public every chance they get, continuing a long tradition of Black “leaders” in Wilmington taking advantage of their constituents much more effectively than advocating for them.

          They are not the only Blacks in office in Wilmington, and to maintain, as the commenter I responded to wrote, that they deserve votes on that basis alone. This attitude, if extended, leads to inadequate representation.

          I don’t give a flying fuck who you vote for. That’s up to you. I just want you to know what you’re voting for. Capice?

          • The sentence should read, “…to maintain, as the commenter I responded to wrote, that they deserve votes on that basis alone leads to the inadequate representation that Wilmington’s Black community has traditionally suffered from.”

          • Stand United

            “The Blacks” and then proceed to explain how we should think. If you feel comfortable typing all that for the world to see, I would hate to hear what you say behind closed doors.

            • Nothing to say about the actual subject, I see. Race baiter. Just like the Potters.

              Think however you like. Your next intelligent thought will be the first you’ve revealed here.

  5. Granny Nanny

    Supporting Purzycki is supporting White Supremacy and capitalism. He caters to BPG and only prioritizes the rich in the highlands, gentrified market street and the riverfront. If Velda is the only other option I will support her.

    Velda: The job of the Mayor is not to heal people directly. The job to heal people is the primary responsibility of our doctors, nurses and pastors.

    The Chief of Staff for the Mayor is not white. She and other respected folks in the Mayor’s office that do not check the box “white or Caucasian” may object to his office characterized as supporting “white supremacy”

    1. The Mayor’s office is responsible for trash removal. Velda, honey, are you prepared to spend a significant amount of time managing trash men during Covid. You have to go down to the yard and talk to the folks collecting trash from time to time and they don’t want your healing hands. They want ideas to remain safe.

    2. The Mayor’s office is responsible for the sewers. Velda, honey, are you prepared to meet with the Public Works staff and it in on meeting budgeting for failing sewer pipes, pipes overflowing in residential and sacred areas, visiting areas where raw sewage is visible to help budget and plan for necessary investments in infrastructure. Are you prepared to sit in meetings to talk about budgeting for the rats living in the sewers and entering city homes through your sewers and take responsibility. Those folks don’t want healing hands- they want clean streets and sewers.

    3. The Mayor’s office is responsible for public safety. Velda, honey, are you prepared to meet with families who’s children ages 16-18 have been shot by neighbors as part of long standing disputes rooted in drugs and poverty and take responsibility that the killings are your fault because of generational poverty,drug abuse and senseless violence. Are you prepared to answer the phone 24 seven when ever there is a shooting and give the public safety officials your support and take responsibility for always trying to help save lives.

    4. The Mayor’s office is responsible for licenses and inspections and navigating areas of significant blight and deterioration, in areas marked historical so the historical society will not allow you to create affordable housing and would rather insist you renovate the home to make it impossible for a family desperate and willing to own a home in the city afford the mortgage. Are you prepared to walk in buildings boarded up with evidence of scary animals and squatters and assess whether the house can be refurbished and sold to a needy family. Are you prepared to raise the money to support this if you do not have public private partnerships willing to invest in the city. Where do you expect to get money to heal folks if you don’t support private investment in the city. The private businesses pay taxes. Homeless people do not pay taxes but they live in the city. Do you want to kick the tax payers out because they are too snooty? Where ya gonna get your money, honey?

    5. From what I have read on your ever so brief announcement- you are confusing the job of local pastors with the job of the Mayor.

  6. Granny Nanny

    To be clear- this paragraph should have been in quotes

    “Supporting Purzycki is supporting White Supremacy and capitalism. He caters to BPG and only prioritizes the rich in the highlands, gentrified market street and the riverfront. If Velda is the only other option I will support her.”

    I respect that this is they way Take Back Wilmington feels. I also feel like there is some misunderstanding that Velda is the one person that should understand about collecting money and spending money.

    Velda may be one of the few people that knows the exact dollar amount the folks in the Highlands- the snooty people that you believe Purzycki caters to. pay in taxes.

    Velda also knows the exact amount of taxes the employees who work around Market Street pay in taxes along with the real estate taxes the owners of their business pay.

    Velda also knows how much money she needs to pay for the public safety, the trash, the public works and the parks and she may be able to tell you whether or not she would need the money these horrible people in the Highlands and along Market Street pay to heal her people. It is a budget folks. It is not a church.

    • It’s moot. Velda is NOT the only other option. Just the crookedest one.

      • Granny Nanny

        Justen may be a wonderful person with great intentions. But again, running the City of Wilmington with serious issues in real estate and infrastructure is not for a nice guy with a history of caring for the dead. It requires HR experience for public safety, experience in Real Estate and Housing, building, roads, sewers, parks – a kid that has grown up in the family business needs to work for several years in different departments before his arrogance and lack of understanding of municipal government compels him to raise his hand and say ” I can do it better.” . Like saying the guy that delivers mail to his kids school can walk in and be the principal.

        Guys – ya need some experience.

        • Fair enough. But the Velda fan said “if she was the only choice.” She’s not.

          And none of it matters in the least unless they can find white candidates to dilute the white vote. Good luck with that.

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